Forward Thinking

The school is part of a new movement which is seeking to offer students exciting alternative routes into higher education and employment. The Nishkam School Trust is therefore engaged in discussions with employers and universities to plan courses and opportunities for sixth form students which accelerate their admission to work and higher education.


Discussions with employers are focused on extended work experiences and progression to internships in the professional service sector including law, finance and commerce. In the case of universities the Trust is seeking to develop foundation degree courses, in partnership with leading universities, for students who would benefit from the additional challenge of working beyond A levels. Those students would then undertake a 1 year conversion course to a Honours degree in the partner university. These opportunities would reward exceptional students willing to work at a very high level. These discussions are currently in progress and we hope to be in a position to offer suitable students the opportunity to accelerate their career prospects during their time at the Nishkam High School.