Leading the Way

Leading the Way

Our sixth formers will be encouraged to lead the way in deciding which community projects and charities that the school engages with and where they want to make a difference. With the support of teachers and tutors they will be encouraged to develop team-working and leadership skills.


Student Voice

We want our students to be inspired to lead the way on embedding the values and ethos of the school into everyday life at the school. The Student Council will comprise representatives from every tutor group from Year 12 and 13. Students will express their views directly to the Sixth Form Management Team and participate in bringing about the improvements and changes they want to see for all current and future students at our school.


Prefects will be drawn from year 12 students who show http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/migraine/ particular skills in leadership. Prefects in year 13 can then apply for responsibility posts as senior prefects, Head Girl/Boy and Deputy Head Girl/Body.


The House System will be central to school life. House Captains and Deputies will be selected from the Sixth Form and will lead and organise each house and how it supports and mentors students lower down the school. They will also lead assemblies once a term.


Role Models

Sixth Form students will have the opportunities to act as ambassadors for the school, younger students and the local community. Students will be encouraged to support local and global charities, environmental projects, human rights movements across the globe and explore what inspires them to make a difference.


Dress Code: Students will be expected to follow a smart business dress code.