Learning Beyond the Sixth Form

Learning Beyond the Sixth Form


Sixth Form life can be very challenging but it is a very sociable and enjoyable period in your life. We will encourage our students to get involved in extra-curricular activities. We aim to offer residential trips both nationally and internationally.


In addition, students will be encouraged to reflect on the meaning and value of human life and recognise the personal responsibility which ensues from this. Faith inspired values define the character of education and need to be practised instinctively in every thought, decision and action throughout every day in the school.


We will encourage students to live by values and principles they develop through practise in their day-to-day life. Through community, volunteering and charitable activities, young people can develop their organisational skills, creativity, teamwork and the ability to apply http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/cancer/ their learning in new and challenging contexts.

We would like our students to get involved in the school’s rich musical life and cultural heritage. We will, in particular, aim inspire in the rich legacy of faith traditions.


Learning Skills

We will ennable students to build a robust portfolio of core skills to support their self-directed and collaborative learning; priority will be given to students’ self-development, enabling them to take initiative and to take responsibility for their learning. We will encourage students to reflect on their own learning styles, their unique qualities and how they align these with their future goals and aspirations, in education and beyond. As they recognise their own qualities they can begin to truly appreciate the qualities of others and support each other in developing their innate potential.