Community Projects

The NSPSI hosts a number of community projects which both the staff and students are able to participate in and contribute to regularly. Some of the more recent projects are listed below:


  • ‘Live with Hope’ (LWH) community project

A major project in the town of Kericho where the NSPSI are working alongside LWH (a community and faith based organization) on an income-generating project initiative, as well as looking to provide extensive sports facilities to children from vulnerable backgrounds.


  • Renovating Highlands Primary School

Despite catering for over a thousand pupils, Highlands Primary School is the oldest in the area. NSPSI are currently working on renovating some of their facilities, such as the kitchen and the classrooms.


  • Free eye, dental and general medical camps

Medical treatment is given to those in need – patients have also been sponsored when money is needed for necessary treatment.


With the help of students and staff at the NSPSI and the local community, a real difference can be made to the most vulnerable parts of the community.