Faith Practice

Nishkam means ‘selflessness’ to go beyond oneself to unlock infinite potential.  We encourage pupils to develop humility, to serve others (all that’s living) and to be compassionate.  By developing this central spirit they can come to understand their essence and their value in contributing to our global human family.


Our aim is to embed 24 key spiritual and moral dispositions into all aspects of teaching and learning at Nishkam schools.  As our pupils grow and learn, we encourage them to consider what these values mean and what importance they may hold in life:



Being curious

& valuing knowledge

Being open, honest & truthful

Being silent & attentive,

& cultivating a sense for,

The sacred and transcendence



Being merciful & forgiving

Being regardful of suffering

Caring for all creation


Being generous



Expressing joy

Being thankful

Appreciating beauty

Being imaginative

& explorative



Being fair and just

Being temperate

Exercising self-discipline

& cultivating self




Participating & willing to lead

Creating unity & harmony

Cultivating inclusion

Identity & belonging




Remembering roots

Being loyal & steadfast

Being hopeful & visionary

Being courageous & confident