a) Are children of other faiths or beliefs welcome in Nishkam School West London?

Yes. The Sikh dharam (faith) is emphatic in respecting all faiths and beliefs and does not seek to convert. NSWL is a part of the multi-faith Sikh ethos Nishkam School Trust, all our schools work to support the faith and beliefs of all pupils.


b) What Curriculum will Nishkam School West London follow?

NSWL teaches the National Curriculum enhanced and enriched, not only through faith based values, but through opportunities to learn from ‘experts in residence’ and visiting specialists in music and art, business and technology, sports and outdoor pursuits.


c) What faith education will students receive?

NSWL has a multi-faith ethos, where people of all faiths and beliefs, are respected and supported. It goes beyond the delivery of a Religious Education curriculum to nurture spirituality and the personal faith of each pupil, where possible. It will build interfaith understanding and engagement between faith and secular world views. Worship for the whole school, and within specific religious groups, will be a unique and innovative feature of the school.


d) Nishkam School West London is an all-through school for children aged 4-19 years, will you be accepting admissions for children of all ages?

From September 2018 we will be admitting pupils into Reception and Year 7 only. If vacancies arise in other primary classes or Year 7 after September 2018, these will be filled from the waiting lists of ‘In-Year’ applicants.  The school will build gradually year by year and will have 1400 students at full capacity.


e) How do I apply for a place for my child?

Please go to the ‘Admissions’ tab for further information.


f) Where will Nishkam School West London be located?

From September 2018 the whole school (4-19 year old pupils) will be located in a brand new

purpose built school in Syon Lane, Osterly, Hounslow, TW7 5PN.


g) Which location will be used to calculate the distance you are oversubscribed?

The new site on Syon Lane will be used by Hounslow Local Authority to calculate the distance.


h) Is there a school bus?

The School is committed to reducing congestion by encouraging pupils to use public transport,

cycle or walk to school rather than being dropped-off in a car.


There will be a private bus service, with routes being decided currently.


i) Will Nishkam School West London be a selective School?

NSWL is a non-selective, inclusive school that is open to all applicants.  There are no entry tests and no fees.  As we have been oversubscribed, hence we have had to apply our oversubscription criteria to allocate places.


Using the oversubscription criteria, 50% of the places are allocated to ‘faith’ applicants and 50% are allocated to ‘Open’ or non-faith applicants. In brief faith applicants are  children or parents who follow the Sikh faith and for non-Sikh children whose parents can demonstrate a commitment to a faith or involvement in faith activities. The remaining 50% of places are based on distance from the school. Please see the school admissions criteria for full details.


j) What are the chances my child will get a place?

This is difficult to predict because we are a non-selective school and every child will have the same opportunity. When we are oversubscribed the school uses the oversubscription criteria to allocate places. Full details of the criteria are available on the web-site or from the school office.


k) Do I have a better chance if I apply under the open category?

We are unable to answer such questions.


l) Is there a catchment area applied?

There is no catchment area, however where the school is oversubscribed, distance from home to school will be a deciding factor.


m) Can I apply for a place if I live outside the London Borough of Hounslow?

Yes. You will need to apply to the local authority (or Council) and insert the name of NSWL as one of your preferences.


n) What diet is followed in School?

The school follows a nutritionally balanced vegetarian diet. All food bought into school must be vegetarian.


o) I would like Sikh studies for my child

NSWL has a multi-faith ethos, where people of all faiths and beliefs, are respected and supported. Pupils will learn about both the Sikh faith as well as other faiths’


p) Will the current year groups increase in size?

There is no intention to increase class sizes from 25 pupils per class.


From September 2018 the intake for Reception and Year 7 will be four form entry (or four classes) per year.  The individual classes will remain at 25 pupils per class.


q) Will the school accept a donation to speed up my child’s admission process?

No. All applicants are treated equally and decisions are made solely on the published admissions criteria and in a transparent way.