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National Offer Day - Year 7

NHSB National Offer day Information for Year 7 cohort Sept 23:

Please see the link below for information from the Birmingham City Council or contact your home local authority for more information.

Birmingham City Council Year 7 Admissions

If you applied online and provided an email address, the local authority will email you on 1 March 2023 to tell you which secondary school your child has been offered. The local authority cannot guarantee the exact time you will receive your email as this depends on your service provider. However, they expect you to receive your offer email by 4pm on Wednesday 1 March 2023.

The local authority will also send you a formal offer letter that will be posted by 1st class post on Wednesday 1 March 2023. Please allow at least three working days for your letter to arrive.

Please do not contact Birmingham City Council before you receive the notification of your child's school place. The School Admissions team will be unable to inform you by telephone what secondary school has been offered to your child until Monday 6 March 2023.

Refusing the place offered:

The formal offer letter will explain how to refuse the offer that has been made.  If you do not contact Birmingham City Council to refuse the offer, the school will update their records to show the offer has been accepted.

You will only need to inform Birmingham City Council by 15 March 2023 if you are refusing this offer.

You are strongly encouraged to accept the offer, so your child has a guaranteed place for September.

If you do not accept the place that has been offered to your child by 15 March 2023, the offer will be withdrawn and may be given to a child on the waiting list for that school.

Accepting the offer will not affect your child's waiting list position for any of your higher preference schools or influence the outcome of any appeal you may submit.

Please ensure you check your junk/spam folder for your email address you provided.

If your local authority is Sandwell Council, please follow the instructions in the letter to accept your offer.

Waiting list:

The waiting list will move up and down as offers are accepted or declined. If your first preference was Nishkam High School Birmingham and you were not offered a place you will automatically be on the waiting list until the 31st December 2023. Please note we do not give out waiting list position information as it can change on a daily basis. The waiting list will be ranked only when a place becomes available using the over subscription criteria. If you would like to join the waiting list please contact your home local authority and complete a SIF form if applying for a faith place. The waiting list is held in accordance with the admission criteria of the school, not in order of applications received. All waiting lists are cleared at the end of each academic year, and no names are carried forward into the next academic year.

Your right to appeal:

If your child has not been offered a place at Nishkam High School Birmingham, you have the right to appeal to an independent appeal panel.

You can only lodge an appeal if you have;

• received notification that the local authority have not been able to offer you the school of your preference

• listed the school on your application form

Appeal forms and more information about appeals can be found of on Birmingham City Council School Appeals page.

The closing date for  appeals is 29th March 2023.

Any questions please email