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Together Part 4

It is hard to believe that we are now in the 6th week of lockdown and how we are all adapting to the changes that this has made to all of our lives. Our 'InItTogether' project reminds us weekly that life is still going on as is the teaching and learning for all of the Nishkam family. I am sure that you will, like all of us stay abreast of the news and will share global concerns about increasing numbers of cases reported to the NSPCC and those reporting an increase in Domestic abuse. It is all of our hope that we will be back together in school soon and that school is able to once again provide that safe space for many. Staff are working hard to maintain contact with students and offering much support through phone calls home but please do contact us at school if you need help/support or guidance with anything. Until such a time that we are back together, stay safe, stay indoors, protect the NHS and stay in touch with us!