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ICT and Office 365 Usage Policy

Nishkam School Trust has the ability to create accounts for all pupils to allow for collaborative sharing using our custom implementation of Office 365 for These accounts will be used for school-related projects. The rules governing email communications by pupils are included in the
Acceptable Use of NST’s ICT Systems and Internet agreement.

Once assigned, pupils are able to gain access to collaborative tools available through Office 365. This account is housed on Microsoft servers, therefore giving access to Office Online (Word App, Excel App, PowerPoint App), email, calendar and other additional services. This will allow all pupils to collaborate with teachers and their peers.

At this time pupils will only be able to communicate with other NST email accounts. This account will be considered the pupils NST email address until they are no longer enrolled at NST.
The use of Office 365 is considered a privilege accorded at the discretion of NST and maintains the right to immediately withdraw the access and use of the account when there is reason to believe that Acceptable Use of NST’s ICT Systems and Internet agreement has been breached.
Administration reserves the right to access and review content in Office 365 at any time.
This Office 365 Permission form will become a part of the pupil’s folder and remain in effect until written notice is submitted to the school or the pupil is no longer a student at NST.

Please see link to the ICT Usage Consent Form 2020