NSPSI Facilities

The Institute is excellently equipped to deal with its ever-increasing student population.


As per its mission, the NSPSI delivers flexible, innovative education to its students and its modern resources ensure that learning is facilitated to the highest possible standard.


Key features:



The Institute’s library integrates e-learning into resources provided for the students in order for students to access up-to-date information on course content materials. The library also provides past examination papers for all courses offered at the NSPSI



Often used for lectures , the auditorium seats up to 130 people and is set up with audio/visual equipment (laptops/projectors) to be utilised when needed



The outdoor amphitheatre is set in the Institute’s courtyard and seats just over 1000 students and is used for large-scale meetings/lectures


Lecture rooms

The Institute building holds 11 lecture rooms seating 60 people each


Information technology

Much effort is made to continually update and develop the information technology used at the Institute. There are three computer laboratories, all with built-in internet access. A digital lab is currently in creation – this will contain podcasts of lectures and will further aim to provide flexibility for students


Sports facilities

The Institute runs a number of after-school sports activities, such as chess, football, and basketball amongst others. Students are encouraged to use the provided sports facilities, which include tennis courts and a rugby/football field.