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Biometric Consent Form

Please complete and return this form if you consent to Nishkam School West London taking your child’s fingerprint to enable him/her to access his/her account at the till during break and lunch time.

This biometric information will be used by the school for the purpose of school catering services only.

In signing this form, you are authorising the school to use your child’s biometric information for this purpose until he/she either leaves the school or ceases to use the system. If you wish to withdraw your consent at any time, this must be done so in writing and sent to the school at the address below.

Once your child ceases to use the biometric recognition system, his/her biometric information will be securely deleted by the school

Having read guidance provided (please see Cunningham’s & ParentPay information) to me by Nishkam School West London, I give consent to the information for the fingerprint of my child: