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Homework Guidelines 

Homework is a key part of the curriculum at NSWL. We believe it consolidates and furthers pupils’ learning so that they make outstanding progress not only in their lessons but also in their independent study. There is clear evidence from our collective past experience that pupils with the highest Attitude to Learning scores in Homework are the pupils who make the most progress.

Key Stage 3 Homework

Pupils can expect to receive 30-60 minutes per subject per week in Key Stage 3. There will also be an increased workload in the form of revision around key assessment points in the academic calendar.

Primary Homework

Homework is issued every week to provide children with the opportunity to consolidate and apply the skills they have learnt in school. Through our home-school agreement, parents have agreed to support children with their homework and any other home learning opportunities.

Reading at Home

All children from Reception to Year 6 are expected to be reading daily at home. Children are encouraged to read regularly to improve their fluency and understanding of texts. Reading at home is an opportunity for children and parents to share a love reading as well as spending time to discuss the text. Parents and children should ask questions about the text, promoting the children to think more deeply about what they are reading. A summary of the shared reading session should be recorded in the child’s reading journal for the teacher to read.

Reception Homework

Pupils in Reception will be given a short phonics task to complete each week. Parents will receive a weekly newsletter outlining the sounds focused upon and how to help at home.

Key Stage 1 Homework

KS1 pupils will be given a piece of English and Maths work as well as weekly spellings. In addition, there will be half termly learning projects to complete.

Key Stage 2 Homework

Homework for KS2 will usually involve a piece of English and Maths work, spelling and grammar or be topic based. This should usually take around 60 minutes to complete in total.

All homework will be set using Show My Homework (SMH), an online homework information platform. This allows for greater clarity over the setting of homework and also give students the opportunity to submit homework directly to the teacher online. 

Year 5 upwards will also have access to SAM Learning, which is a digital learning platform.