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Homework Expectations

All pupils in KS1 and KS2 will receive homework related to the weeks learning in order for pupils to consolidate. Mark schemes will be uploaded to allow parents to work through answers with pupils and identify any misconceptions immediately which can be communicated to the teacher when necessary. Homework will be set on Friday and the deadline for submissions will be the following Wednesday. Work submissions will be acknowledged within school and written feedback will be given only when necessary.

All year groups will use the Show My Homework (SMH) website to set weekly homework. SMH is an online homework platform which allows for greater clarity over the setting of homework and also give students the opportunity to submit homework directly to the teacher online.  The aim of all homework set is to provide children with the opportunity to consolidate and apply the skills and knowledge they have gained in school.  

Reading at Home: 

All children from Reception to Year 6 are expected to be reading daily at home. Children are encouraged to read regularly to improve their fluency and understanding of texts. Reading at home is an opportunity for children and parents to share a love reading as well as spending time to discuss the text. Parents and children should ask questions about the text, promoting the children to think more deeply about what they are reading. In EYFS & KS1 a summary of the shared reading session should be recorded in the child’s reading record for the teacher to monitor. In KS2 reading records should be signed twice a week and notes recorded. Children should be heard reading and given time to read independently.


Pupils will receive a writing task related to the weeks text type or a relevant writing activity based on key writing skills. You can either upload the worksheets or a picture to submit the work. Pupils can do extra writing activities such as diary writing, shopping lists, reviews etc. to encourage writing for a variety of purposes.


A maths activity or worksheet related to the weeks learning will be uploaded to consolidate key mathematical concepts. Pupils can also use a variety of websites to consolidate their learning of times tables, basic maths facts and arithmetic. Pupils can also be encouraged to use their maths skills in real life context such as calculating totals when shopping, measuring distances, estimating in a variety of situations etc.


A list of ten spellings will be uploaded based on spelling patterns and statutory spelling lists. Pupils should spend time learning and practising the set spellings. You can use a variety of strategies such as read – spell - check, word pyramids, dictation etc. Another strategy is to use the spelling word within a sentence to read and then practice writing, this will help consolidate the spelling of the word in context. Spellings will be tested within the following week.