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Secondary Summer School

Transition Programme for Year 6 into 7 Pupils

In July 2021, Nishkam School West London welcomed an energetic and enthusiastic group of Y6-7 transition students to our first annual Summer School.

Set around the theme of ‘The Victorians’, the group experienced a range of activities, from engineering, inspired by Isambard Kingdom Brunel in the ‘Marshmallow Challenge’, to writing like Charles Dickens using ‘Great Expectations’ as inspiration.  The main aims of the week were to develop the literacy and numeracy skills of the students prior to their joining the school in August, as well as encouraging teamwork and creativity.  From appreciating the wonderful, atmospheric art of William Turner to playing a game of the good old Victorian invention, Cricket, the students had a varied and exciting time. 

The students celebrated the event, calling it ‘an amazing week’ and ‘a great way to get to know the school’.  Also invaluable was that these students got to start secondary school with a ready-made group of good friends, making the transition to their new surroundings all the more smooth and manageable come the start of term. 


Well-being and Sports Activities for Pupils in Years 7-9

During this well-being and sports camp, pupils sampled a plethora of sports ranging from dodgeball to cricket, tennis, football and much more. The pupils sampled many team and individual games that focused on improving different sporting skill sets whilst also promoting enjoyment, captivating their interest in disciplines they had not tried before and most importantly building positive relationships with their peers after a period of isolation. During their non-sporting sessions, pupils engaged with the coaching team to discuss a range of themes from sports to current affairs and leadership skills. The secondary pupils also had an opportunity to develop their leadership skills by taking on mentoring roles for the primary-aged children.

All pupils involved built excellent relationships with the coaching team and were keen to re-engage with the programme if it runs next summer.