Outdoor Learning & Sports

At Nishkam Primary School we are keen to promote sports and keep fit as this contributes towards healthy lifestyles covered in our curriculum.  We have a professional PE teacher who comes into school to take these lessons all classes.  We have suitable facilities for a variety of sports which includes a school hall, outdoor playgrounds and a field.  We also have enrichment opportunities after school where children a coached in a variety of sports including tag rugby and football.  Children also have an opportunity to take part in yoga after school too.  We are committed to children engaging with sports and fitness at Nishkam Primary School.


The school incorporates features to support out door learning, as we feel it is a valuable natural resource for our pupils to value. Outdoor learning incorporates;

  • Our understanding that children learn in different ways, and the school must cater for their individual needs ensuring learning for all
  • Hands on learning in natural environment
  • Partnership which involves the wider school community as partners in learning
  • Pupils appreciation of sustainability and the world around us
  • Learning beyond the classroom – anytime anywhere learning