Nishkam  High School is a Sikh ethos, multi-faith school in north-west Birmingham, providing both a secondary school and a sixth form for boys and girls aged 11 – 19 years.


Our school has a unique nature whereby we positively nurture pupils of all faiths and beliefs.  We believe that faith-inspired values determine the character of education and that they should be intrinsic to the positive experience of daily life.


Nishkam High School aims to produce lifelong learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and compassionate contributors to society.


The Nishkam Vision


More than Academic Excellence

Nishkam High School offers excellence in education and inspires in children a passion for lifelong learning. By recruiting outstanding teachers, we provide learning experiences which build character and responsibility. The National Curriculum is enhanced and enriched with a focus on high http://imagineear.com/pharmacy/ academic aspiration and progression towards university education.


More than a School

Nishkam High School fosters communities which actively support children throughout life, both within and beyond the school gates. We work imaginatively with parents, families and guiding institutions to help ensure children are surrounded by good role models and mentors. These partnerships provide children with direct experience of civic institutions, industry and commerce, as well as skills in research and innovation.


More than ‘Self’

Nishkam High School is driven and sustained by the principle of being ‘nishkam’- creating a mindset to serve others without expectation or recognition. Experience suggests that this selfless practice promotes humility and unlocks great potential to transform ourselves and the world around us.