Kenya - NSPI - Aerial ViewEthics is the driving force behind the education taught at the Nishkam Saint Puran Singh Institute (NSPSI) in Kericho, Kenya. The notion of educating oneself for the purpose of giving back is a core principle at the Institute.


The NSPSI is a tertiary college located in the Rift Valley province in the town of Kericho. The Institute offers a range of vocational courses aimed at equipping young people with practical, realistic skills that can be deployed in local community and beyond.


However, learning at the NSPSI focuses not only on the learning of skills, but also on self-reflection and personal growth: the Institute considers education to be most effective when taught in parallel to the development of the self.


As well as fostering a keen sense of ethics in each of students, the NSPSI hopes to build a socially responsible and reliable workforce in the community; employees who can offer not just their knowledge, but their honesty, integrity and hard work.