Nishkam Primary School is a Sikh ethos, multi-faith school in north-west Birmingham, for boys and girls aged 4 –11 years.


Our Mission

Nishkam Primary School will nurture the infinite potential in children to become examples in society that shape communities for the common good.


Our Vision

Our aim is to be an exemplar school based on the Sikh ethos, inclusive to all. Our excellence will be built upon a strong partnership between passionate staff, committed learners and dedicated parents. We will have engaged communities, learning institutions and businesses through the spirit of nishkam sewa (selfless service) to be a powerful force to help young people become highly educated, enlightened, active and responsible citizens.


Our Values

We are committed to academic excellence grounded in a selfless approach to life (nishkam). These aspirations will be underpinned by the practice of faith-inspired values of humility, service, compassion, self-discipline, forgiveness, love and creativity.


Our Ethos

We believe that to build strong communities and responsible citizens, our efforts must go beyond our current standard models of education and encompass a holistic approach. We believe that faith-based organisations have a significant role to play as part of the wider community; the heritage they draw upon illuminates some of the deeper quests for meaning and value in human life and inspires a broader vision and greater responsibility in our endeavours. We believe that our faith-inspired values define the character of education and that they should be intrinsic to a positive outlook on life. Values are awakened and strengthened in us when they are practiced in front of us every day. At the School, we will all work to ensure both our educators and learners are instinctively exercising values in every thought, decision and action.


School Aims

Our children will:

–          Learn faith inspired humility and a selfless approach to life (Nishkam)

–          Grow in self-esteem, self-confidence and independence

–          Work hard to achieve their own personal best and value their achievements

–          Take responsibility for their own actions

–          Learn the difference between right and wrong

–          Relationships – Our children will:

–          Work co-operatively

–          Celebrate achievements of others

–          Respect the opinions and property of others

–          Try to resolve disputes peacefully

–          Value community members

–          Society – Our children will:

–          Value our school family as a source of care and support

–          Respect the religions and cultures of others

–          Support equal opportunities for all

–          Environment – Our children will:

–          Value our natural world as a source of wonder and inspiration

–          Protect and develop our immediate environment

–          Value our community as a resource for learning

–          Develop an awareness of environmental issues