At Nishkam School West London, we expect every child to become a fluent reader by the time they have completed their primary education.  We expect parents to listen to their children read every day.  Children are given plenty of opportunities to read across the curriculum in school.


The focus for reading is:

  • Word reading – sounding out, building up a sight vocabulary, working out the unknown word.
  • Comprehension – children being able to talk about and answer questions on what they have read.


In Reception, children are heard to read 1:1 by an adult two times a week.  This is an opportunity for children to further apply their growing phonics skills.


From Year One, children are heard to read 1:1 by an adult once a week.  In addition, children are heard to read by their class teacher once a week during a guided reading session.  This is when a group of up to six children develop their reading skills with their teacher, focused on a carefully selected book.


At Nishkam School West London, we use the Oxford Reading Tree reading scheme from Reception, until children become fluent readers.  Once children are fluent in their reading, they become ‘free readers.’  This means they can select books to read from the class library.  Teachers support them to select appropriate texts.  Most of our children have become free readers during the course of Year Two.