Collective Worship

The Sikh dharam (faith) respects all faiths and does not seek converts.  Our school has a unique multi-faith ethos and where we aim to inspire pupils of all faiths and beliefs, and, to encourage pupils to learn from faith, not just about faith.


Collective worship is an important feature of our collective identity and pupils are encouraged to take part (it is optional).  Prayers form the Sikh faith and other World faiths are shared and explored during assemblies. Worship within specific faith groups is an innovative characteristic of our schools. 


Worship in our school is concerned with taking time out for personal reflection, being thankful and appreciative, exploring the importance of values in daily life, developing and reinforcing positive attitudes.


Through collective worship we encourage our pupils to:

–          Nurture an instinct to serve others

–          Stimulate a spirit of adventure and exploration

–          Develop a lifelong love for reflection, enquiry and learning

–          Awaken the conscience to act ethically

–          Develop and intrinsic, compassionate discipline

–          Celebrate humanity as one

–          Respect and revere all faiths

–          Reflect on spiritual and moral issues.

–          Explore their own beliefs.

–          Respond to and celebrate life.

–          Experience a sense of belonging and develop community spirit.

–          Respond to the wider and global community.

–          Nurture their own personal relationship with the Creator

–          Develop a sense of awe and wonder about creation

–          To contemplate something of the mystery of God.