School Meals

Healthy Eating

Good nourishment and healthy eating are particularly important in children’s early growth and development. Fast food and poor diet are known to adversely affect their wellbeing. We provide healthy, well-balanced, nutritious vegetarian meals. All food will be freshly prepared in the School kitchen by qualified staff. We value the careful preparation and serving of food by our staff. Meal times also provide an ideal opportunity for promoting children’s social skills as well as spiritual nurture. This broadens learning through collaboration. Our Sikh ethos inspires us to see the sharing of enough food as a way to develop generosity, fairness, benevolence and interdependence.


Free School Meals

Families receiving  Income Support, Income Based Job Seekers Allowance or Child Tax (but not Working Tax) Credit you also have an entitlement to a free school meal Please contact the school office for an application form


If your child brings a packed lunch

Please ensure that the packed lunch is vegetarian and is wrapped and packed in a sealed container labelled with your child’s name and class. Please do not send drinks as we will provide children with water. If you change your mind and you would like your child to receive school dinners, please notify us during half-term or the start of a new term. Snack time If your child brings a packed lunch please support our school policy of healthy eating. We will give the children a piece of fruit daily at mid-morning break time to eat as a snack. This ranges from apples, bananas, satsuma’s, pears and tomatoes.


Lunch Menu


  NPSB Menu 2018 (32.4 KiB)