Teaching Philosophy

The Institute aims to provide flexibility for its students: along with the provision of the highest possible standard of teaching, another of the Institute’s key philosophies is that effective learning is often a reciprocative practice between the students and the teaching-provider. James Finley Ltd, a local flower and tea production company and one of the largest organisations in the community, offers its employees the opportunity to study at the NSPSI.


With the use of Institute-funded transport links, employees of James Finley Ltd have been able to enrol on a number of courses at the NSPSI. The Institute hopes to be able to create more transport links to similar organisations around the region to widen access to the education offered at the NSPSI.


Education at the NSPSI ensures both work and behavioural ethics are instilled in the students. In turn, the Institute believes the community will primarily benefit from a strengthened, competent workforce and that the principle of giving back will reverberate through the lives of students educated at the NSPSI.


‘…we train so we can feed the environment within ourselves; with technical knowledge, we can serve the community and its surroundings’ Mr James, lecturer at NSPSI