William Hague at NPSW

Nishkam Primary School Wolverhampton Official Opening of New Buildings

by Rt Honourable William Hague MP


We were honoured to host the Rt Hon William Hague MP to officially open our school on Friday 30th January 2015 Mr Hague took time out from his busy schedule as the First Secretary of State and Leader of the House of Commons to open the first Free School in Wolverhampton.


We were pleases that so  many guests joined us for the opening, including  parents,  local community members ,  local Councillors and Wolverhampton City Council staff, Department for Education to name a few of those who attended.


It was a memorable day for our school which reinforced our commitment to work in partnership with parents and the community to nuture children to become better human beings whilst achieving academic excellence.


Mr Hague began his visit in the reception class ‘Truth’, children were busy learning about comparing objects and working on their ‘Superheroes’ project with Mr Bailey. Mr Hague was very impressed with how well children were learning in class and how smartl they all looked.   


In Miss Badhan’s year 1 class, Mr Hague observed children learning about democracy and that they had been voting for various Alien election parties to lead an imaginary planet as part of their space project.  The children had produced manifestos representing each candidate and had voted using a ballot box.  Mr Hague was delighted to see Kaiya and Kezeyah explaining what they had learnt. 


Mr Hague the joined a packed hall for the official opening, where  four of our children spoke from each Nishkam School spoke:  Amarpreet (Year 7) from Nishkam High School, Gurpreet (Year 6) from Nishkam Primary School in Birmingham, Oscar and Amaiya (Year 1) from the Wolvrehampton school.. 


Gurpreet’s experiences from Nishkam Primary School in Birmingham have been really positive;


“Four years ago, I left one of the top schools in Birmingham to join Nishkam School.  My family and I have not looked back since. It has been an amazing journey so far. I have made many friends and learnt a lot  from amazing  experiences. Here are just a few of them:


  • I have been elected as the chair of our school council.
  • We have been on many inspiring school visits
  • We attend King Edwards School to extend our learning
  • We have an opportunity to take part in an exciting enrichment programme doing activities such as archery and pony trekking”.


Amarpreet spoke about his experience at Nishkam High School;  


“Nishkam is home away from home, it is not an ordinary school, the teachers treat the children like they are their own.  They care about how well we do in our lessons as well as growing as a person”.


He recalled memories of his first assembly which he has been inspired by; “Just like one candle lights up another candle , our aim is to light up everybody’s spirits around us”


Mr Hague, who has had a stella career in politics,  commented on how very impressed he was with the speeches and suggested they were perhaps better than some speeches he hears at the House of Commons.


Of the school he said: “I’m impressed. It’s often true of faith schools that are well led that they really create an ethos that is much bigger than the academic standards. They achieve those as well. But the academic standards, values and support in the community, these three things vastly enrich the education of young people. I applaud everyone who has created this school.”


Mr Paul Uppal MP spoke about how he was not pushed by some of his teachers when he started school but one teacher recognised his abilities and inspired him.  This was a key message that reminds us all of the importance of good teachers who are role models for our children. 


Baroness Natalie Evans from the New Schools Network also spoke congratulating us on the opening of the school.  She spoke about the rigorous application process of opening a new school and how pleased she was to be standing here now. 


Our patron, Bhai Sahib Ji shared the vision and purpose of Nishkam education, why the trust was created, how to be better human beings and a multi-faith approach towards education.  Some extracts taken from Bhai Sahib Ji’s speech were;


“Well before a child enters school, spiritual nurture starts as early as conception, continues through pregnancy and in the early years within the family home, hence the long-term importance of promoting family values.  The primary classroom is a fertile arena for drawing out and cultivating key human/spiritual values in young children.  In a world so troubled by ignorance, misconceptions and hostilities based on religious identity, the development of a sound model for interfaith education is imperative


Academic education alone fuels your ego without the counterbalance of faith.  Education should therefore be balanced with both academic and spiritual development.  This is what Nishkam Schools aim to provide.


Education must nurture good human beings through values and virtues.  It is now even part of Ofsted’s remit to monitor and evaluate values and virtues.”

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