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Transforming Education: Ethics Education for Learning to Live Together

Nishkam Schools were delighted to be used as an exemplar as a part of a global symposium 'Transforming Education: Ethics Education for Learning to Live Together’.

Held in November 2021, the symposium gathered more than 900 educators, children and young people, policymakers, religious leaders, faith-based and civil society organisations, academic researchers, and multilateral agencies including UNICEF and UNESCO.

The Symposium provided a platform on ethics education programs and their contribution to peace building and the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. Participants learned about good practices, programs, and policies from governments and schools, with the participation of several ministries of education.

The report authors stated, that humanity lives "in an increasingly globalised world where children have many spaces for learning and collaboration, but also a world of increasing distrust and fear of the other. Today, more than ever, we need to recognise the role of education in building safer, equitable, and inclusive societies. Education needs to support children’s sound and holistic development, not only cognitive and physical but also social, emotional, and spiritual. By nurturing in children ethical values, such as empathy, respect, and responsibility, and life skills such as critical thinking and the ability to solve their differences with others, children can learn to live together with people of different cultures, religions, and beliefs."

Read the full report here