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Curriculum Vision

Our curriculum is underpinned by the Nishkam Schools Multi Academy Trust mission statement: 


To empower children with virtues that enable them to excel academically and spiritually inspiring them to serve humanity selflessly (Nishkam), with an abundance of love, compassion and forgiveness.  


Our curriculum and schools are built around our vision to ensure we remain:  

Faith-inspired: learning from the wisdom of religion 

At Nishkam Schools, our pupils explore the divine context of humanity and wonder of all creation. They not only learn about, but also learn from, the wisdom of religions and in so doing explore the infinite human potential to do good unconditionally. We support pupils to develop aspects of their own religious, spiritual or human identities. They learn about serenity through prayer and humility in service and in so doing, they deepen their own respective faith, and respect the common purpose of all religious traditions, as well as respecting the beliefs of those with no faith tradition. They explore the unique divinity of the individual, and our common humanity. 

Pupils are enabled to commit to and practise their faith/belief through knowledge, and experiential learning. Commitment in faith maybe demonstrated by pupils through faith initiation (eg Baptism/Amritdhari) and regular faith practice (prayer, service and understanding elements of scripture). 


Virtues-led: nurturing compassionate, responsible human beings 

At Nishkam Schools, we believe that the fostering of human virtues forms the foundation of all goodness. Our curricula are carefully enriched to allow experiences where our pupils, teachers and parents alike learn to grow through a conscious focus on virtues. Our virtues-led education approach helps to provide guidance to enable pupils to understand their choices in order to help lead better lives. Our pupils become self-reflective and flourish; they are able to build strong, meaningful relationships and understand their responsibilities to the global family and all creation, founded in faith.  

Pupils learn to experience faith through lived out experiences – through thoughts, actions and deeds. 


Aspiring for Excellence: in all that we do. 

At Nishkam Schools, our pupils and staff alike aim to become the best human beings they can possibly be, in all aspects of spiritual, social, intellectual and physical life. We foster a school culture which inspires optimism and confidence, hope and determination for all to achieve their best possible. This is accomplished through a rich and challenging curriculum, along with excellent teaching to nurture awe and wonder. Pupils gain a breadth and depth of knowledge and a love of learning to achieve their full potential.  

Staff are highly motivated to inspire both as role models of virtue and through high quality-first teaching. All pupils are highly engaged to achieve their very best. The whole-child approach is central, as is the formation of parental partnerships so they too are key role models and educators of their children. As a result, we aim for all pupils to succeed excellence in their academic, social and spiritual development.