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Staff Leadership

Mr H S Dhanjal, Executive Headteacher

is an experienced leader who has worked across all educational sectors which include Further Education, Secondary and Primary Education.  This range of experience has enabled him to lead his team successfully to achieve not only excellent academic outcomes, but equally importantly preparing children in their next steps in their education journey and beyond. 

He is passionate about education and strongly believes that ‘each child only has one chance to excel, it’s our duty to provide outstanding education to bring out the very best from our children. One must see education from as many different perspectives as possible in order to fully appreciate the opportunities and challenges that exist.’  

There is a lovely African proverb: 'It takes a village to raise a child.' African culture recognises that parenting is a shared responsibility - a communal affair - not just the concern of parents or grandparents. Harmander is committed to the tri-part relationship with the school, child and parents to give the very best that children deserve.  This parent partnership is very much a strength of the teams he leads.   

Harmander is committed to the Nishkam Virtues, firstly learning from them himself, and then driving them through the school to nurture the very best human beings.  As an active member of the community, Harmander also volunteers his time to school improvement as a governor.  He is dedicated to high quality education and a solid foundation of values for all children. 


Miss Zoe Parkes - Headteacher

is an experienced practitioner for over 25 years in West Midlands, working within the Primary sector. She has been the lead teacher in a range of settings, including Private and Educational Nurseries and Primary Schools. As a successful leader, Zoe has working in a range of settings to secure excellent Ofsted outcomes, of which most recently was at Nishkam Primary School Wolverhampton under the current inspection framework. 

Zoe is a firm believer that children need a solid foundation in order to flourish as they grow, the early years plays a vital role that aids development and progress.  She is an expert in early reading and has successfully implemented the, research driven ‘language first’ project in schools to close the ‘word gap’ in literacy.  

Her expertise has led her to work across the Trust in a leadership role focusing on high quality teaching and learning.  In this role she supports leaders and teachers in quality first teaching and achieving excellence.  Zoe is child centered and leads by example to achieve the very best outcomes.  

Zoe enthusiastically prides herself on successful parental partnerships and works closely with people within the local community. She was successful in achieving the prestigious Parent Partnership Award in one of her previous schools and more recently has embarked on the programme again at Nishkam.  She has a robust action plan which enables parents to be an integral part of their child’s educational journey. This has involved welcoming parents to school events and offering the opportunity to learn through workshops and visits.  

‘The best partnerships aren’t dependent on a mere common goal but on a shared path of equality, desire, and no small amount of passion.’ Sarah Mclean.



Mrs Mandy Chahal - Deputy Headteacher

Mandy Chahal has a wealth of experience in the Primary sector. She has worked in a variety of leadership roles across faith schools and supported them to achieve excellent Ofsted outcomes.


With considerable experience of having worked in different faith schools, Mandy understands the importance of how a virtues-led and faith-inspired curriculum will develop and support children; how it is pivotal to help underpin the success of teaching and learning; the positive impact it has on nurturing of children and how it helps to stretch, challenge and inspire children to be their very best and empower them with a depth of knowledge and skills as they progress in life. She is a firm believer that children’s development and wellbeing should be at the heart of everything that we do, whilst tailoring an education that meets the individual needs of every child, enabling them to gain a love for learning whilst becoming the best humans they possibly can in all aspects of spiritual, social and academic life.


Knowing that education is a pathway out of poverty is her determination that, as a school, it is always striving for excellence and inclusion; this is evident in the progress she has made to date. Mandy is a driven leader, who has made measurable and lasting impact by modelling quality first teaching to her colleagues.