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Who we are

Nishkam Schools Multi-Academy Trust (NSMAT) is a pioneering group of academy schools with a Sikh ethos, multi-faith, virtues-led approach to education.  We are inspired by the inter-religious legacy of the Sikh faith.  We believe that our approach to education should be more than simply a means to acquiring factual knowledge. It should engage pupils more fully to what it might be to be of the highest of human virtue and engage in the question of the purpose of life and beyond.

NSMAT has grown since the first wave of free schools in 2011; we now have the privilege of educating more than 3000 students across 5 schools in the West Midlands, West London and Derbyshire. Three nurseries also in West Midlands and Leeds. 

We are humbled by achievements awarded by Ofsted, dedicated to the significant progress and achievements made by our pupils and the hard work carried out by all staff.