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How to Apply

Summary of application process

Pupil admissions will open for Reception year (age 4) by 10th November 2020. 

You may choose to apply either through:

1. A Faith category place (50% of all places). If you are a practising member of a religion you may choose to apply through this category. Please complete Steps 1 and 2.

2. An Open place (the remaining 50% of places). If you are not a practising member of a faith please complete Step 1 only.

STEP 1 - For all applicants

All applicants must complete the Preference/Application Form for school’s admissions from your Local Authority, where you live, before 15th January 2020. 

The Local Authority Preference/Application full guidance and form for school admissions may be found on the following websites (depending on where you live), for example:


Wolverhampton Primary Education Booklet

Please ensure if you are applying under the staff or sibling category this is stated when completing your preferences. 

STEP 2 - For Faith category places only

Supplementary Information Forms (SIF Forms) for In year 2021-2022 and ontime 2022-2023 will be electronic, please come back to this page after 31st July 2021 for more information. Please do not complete a SIF form prior to 31st July 2021 as it will not be considered for the academic year 2021-2022 or 2022-2023.

If you are applying for a place based on faith, (50% of all places), please kindly complete this application by;

  • for age 4 (Reception) places: 15th January 2021

Please download and complete the Nishkam School’s Supplementary Information Form (SIF). Please ensure it is also countersigned by the appropriate religious authority by obtaining the signature and stamp from your place of worship. Complete the online form, on which you will be requested to upload the countersigned section.

If your place of worship is inaccessible due to COVID-19, and therefore you are unable to obtain a signature from your place of worship. please instead make a self-declaration with your own signature on this form. In this case, the entire form can be completed on the following link:

Please note any incorrect or incomplete Supplementary forms, or forms received beyond the relevant deadlines, will unfortunately have to be legally rejected and the place will automatically be ranked within the open category. 

STEP 3 - Notification

Your Local Authority in which you live will notify you of which school your child has gained a place in on National Offer Day, 16th April 2021.

Please see Frequently Asked Questions 

Please go to the following page for our Prospectus and Journals

Please go to the following page for our Open Events Information 

For any admissions enquiries please complete the following form

Determined Admissions Arrangements 2021-2022
Admissions Criteria
Supplementary Information Form
In Year Admissions Arrangements 2020-2021
Admissions Criteria
Supplementary Information Form

For an In year application form please click on Wolverhampton In Year Admissions

Determined Admissions Arrangements for Academic Year 2022-2023
Admissions Criteria 
Supplementary Information Form - This will be electronic please do not currently use
Supplementary Slip - to be downloaded,completed and uploaded to SIF form


Appeals against a decision not to offer you a school place are administered by the School Admissions Appeals, City of wolverhampton Council. Full details are available on the following link: