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Section 48 report

Nishkam Primary School Wolverhampton are very appreciative to have been judged Outstanding across all areas in its most recent Section 48 inspection.

“A Section 48 inspection provides an evaluation of the distinctiveness and effectiveness of a school for its governing body, the school itself, the Designated Religious Body and the wider public. It also ensures that the school meets the requirements of Section 48 of the Education Act 2005 for schools that have a religious character”.

The report is a true reflection of the unique and inclusive faith and virtues offer the school provides all of its pupils.  The school has been rated Outstanding because:

  • Leaders and governors share and articulate an ambitious vision for the school underpinned by the Sikh multi-faith ethos and shared common core values. It is focused on educating pupils to become good human beings and lies at the heart of the school. It gives pupils confidence and a secure preparation for their lives.
  • Collective worship lies at the very heart of the school, uniting pupils and adults in a deeply spiritual daily celebration of faith and respect. As a result, they are affirmed and encouraged within their own faiths and respect other faiths, regardless of their personal faith and belief. 
  • Pupils of all faiths and none benefit from the comprehensive faith education curriculum, developing knowledge of and respect for a wide range of faith and beliefs.
  • The virtues that underpin the school shine through every aspect of its life and work, so that all members of the school community articulate them confidently and regard them as natural.
  • Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is embedded in their faith education and in the wider work of the school with many opportunities for taking responsibility.
  • The school’s culture is one of the highest expectations of behaviour and attitudes. This has created a consistently calm environment where pupils understand their responsibilities to each other act kindly.
  • Leaders and governors have secured excellence in the faith education programme, in its effective monitoring and the ongoing professional development of staff.