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Nishkam goes Green with Eco School

Nishkam Primary School Wolverhampton are proud to announce that we are working to become a Green Flag School. Becoming environmentally friendly is vitally important to our school because it encompasses many virtues that we promote, including compassion, accountability and respect. We recognise the shared responsibilities to care for a world divinely entrusted to us and strive to create a generation of children who can discover their potential to make a difference. Faith is threaded through the heart of this project and is the driving force in achieving our Green Flag award. According to Sikh teachings, after creating the divine word or spirit (Naam), God created nature, (Kudrat). In daily prayers, Sikhs give praise to the life-giving elements, which nourish and sustain us.

‘Pavan Guru, Pani Pita, Mata Dharat Mahat’

(Air as Guru, Water as Father, and the great Earth as Mother)

Although this project has only begun this academic year, there is an almighty buzz around the school, and it has caused a stir with many of our children.

It all began with the creation of our fantastic Eco Committee. Two children from each year group were elected from a highly competitive competition to represent and present to their peers. This committee has met on several occasions both in person and via Zoom to firstly evaluate how ‘green’ our school is now, and to create an action plan detailing how we can make our school more environmentally friendly and raise awareness not only to our children but also the wider community.

Our Action Plan has three main motives;

‘Healthy Living’, this consists of the integration of ‘The Golden Mile’ into our school day; a gardening club for parents and friends of the school to grow our own vegetables; the launch of our new year-round Walk to School programme, WOW Living Streets.

‘Waste’, this is to reduce the amount of non-reusable resources that are being used. Paper and card recycling stations have been set up around the school; we are encouraging children to save electricity by switching off all lights and computers when not in use; saving water by ensuring taps are turned off after use.

‘Biodiversity’, to encourage more wildlife onto our school grounds by building a pond, bird houses/ baths, insect hotels; introducing plants into every classroom; celebrating and fundraising Earth Day to raise money for the pond as well as environmental awareness to our school community.

Earth Day was a huge success. The children came dressed in their Earth themed clothing and looked absolutely fantastic! It was inspiring to see how enthusiastic and excited our children were from the onset. Over the course of the day each class participated in an Earth inspired P4C (Philosophy 4 Children) session where they discussed at length a photo stimulus linked to the planet. The teachers were inspired by some of the questions that the children were creating and discussing. The following are a selection of our favourites from across the school:

  • Is it ever fair to cut down trees? (Year 4 - Forgiveness 2)
  • Can humans and animals live in harmony? (Year 4 - Forgiveness 1)
  • What can we do to stop global warming? (Year 3 - Compassion 1)
  • What can we change as a school to help our environment? (Year 2 - Humility 1)
  • Where will wildlife go if their habitats are destroyed? (Year 6 - Optimism)
  • Why do humans put rubbish in the sea? (Reception - Truth)
  • God made humans and animals equal, so why do humans think they are more superior? (Year 4 - Forgiveness 1)

We managed to raise a fantastic £494 which will go towards our new school pond. Our aim is to provide our children with as many opportunities in nature as possible. We believe that every moment in nature is worth appreciating, and we are thankful for the precious moments that nature provides for us. It provokes curiosity and a sense of awe amongst us all that engrains a duty to protect nature that becomes a habit and an essential need.

It is hugely important that we as teachers and parents are encouraging gratitude and respect for our Earth with our children. It is our job to instil a sense of responsibility and accountability, so children can learn their role in protecting the environment. After all it is not just about leaving a healthy planet for our children, but also leaving children that will protect our planet.