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Frequently Asked Questions


How many places are available through the Faith criteria?

50% of places are allocated to Faith applicants and 50% to non-Faith Applicants.

Does it matter that my local authority is different to that of the school?

No. All applicants are processed in the same way regardless of the Local Authority. Applications for school places can only be made through the LA where the child lives permanently and not through the LA where the school is based (also see question 5).

Where can I find the faith criteria?

The faith criteria is given in the Nishkam School’s Admissions Criteria document. This is available from the school office or from the school website.

Why is the faith criteria simple? What if I supply additional information on the SIF form?

In writing the criteria Nishkam School Trust followed the guidance of the School Admissions Code, which requires the criteria to be easy to understand and follow for parents, as well as being objective and transparent. The School can only consider information which supports the questions given in the SIF and the School Admissions criteria. Both documents may be obtained from the School web-site or the School Office.

Does the distance I live away from the school matter?

If you are applying under the Open (Non-Faith) category the applications will be ranked by the distance you live from the school. If you are applying through the Faith category, distance away from the school is only used in ‘tie-brake’ circumstances.

If your child does not meet the criteria of the faith category, is it better to apply through the Open criteria?

It is your decision regarding which category you choose to apply under. It is possible your child may be placed on a lower ranking under the faith category than if you applied directly through the open category. This depends on the distance you live from the school.

What should I do if my child is not offered a place in my preferred school?

Please contact the school to ensure you are on the waiting list. If your child is not offered a place at your highest preference, he/she can will added onto that school’s waiting list. Sometimes pupils will move from the area and spaces can become available. Nishkam School maintains waiting lists for every academic year.

Can I appeal?

Appeals against a decision not to offer your child the school place are administered by the Nishkam Schools Trust. Details about making an appeal are available on the following link: Appeals

Where can I get more information about how the admissions process works?

School admissions information events or ‘Open Days’ are an excellent opportunity to get more information. The local authority also provides information on how the process works through booklets, via the Local Authority website and through advisors/officers within the admissions teams.