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SIF form in additional languages

In order to help parents complete the Supplementary Information form (SIF), you can now view the SIF in additional languages. 

If you go to the top right of the website page and click on "TRANSLATE" this will give you the option to view the form in additional languages. 

Please read the below in the language of your choice, then using the PDF on the 'Apply' page print and complete the SIF. 

Any issues please contact the school office. 

Akaal Primary School

Supplementary information form for Sikh faith admissions – September 2023

Please return this form to the school.

It must be signed by a parent and countersigned by an official representative of your Gurdwara.


Akaal Primary School

Grange Avenue


DE23  8DG

1. The first page of the form asks for the child’s details so we can match them to an application made on a Common Application Form.

2. The second page asks the parent confirm that the child has been brought up within the Sikh faith. It should be signed by a parent. The second page of the form also asks for confirmation of the child’s faith from a Gurdwara. It is the responsibility of the parent/carer to arrange for the form to be countersigned and returned on time.

3. Please complete a separate form for each child you wish to be admitted.


Child’s first name:


Child’s middle name(s):


Child’s surname/last name:


Child’s address:






Child’s date of birth:

DD    /    MM    /   YYYY




The school reserves the right to verify the accuracy of the information provided in all sections of this form. If it is subsequently discovered that a place has been offered on the basis of inaccurate or false information, the place may be withdrawn.

Akaal Primary School



I confirm the child has been brought up to believe in the teachings of the ten Sikh gurus and Guru Granth Sahib, and that he or she attends a Gurdwara.


Name of Gurdwara the child normally attends:



Declaration by parent (only one parent need sign)

I confirm that the information given above is correct.




To be completed by the President or Secretary of a Gurdwara


Name of Gurdwara the child normally attends:


Address of the Gurdwara:




Name of President or Secretary at the Gurdwara verifying the information provided by the parent

Declaration by the President or Secretary of the Gurdwara named above

I confirm that the information given above by the parent is correct.