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Nishkam School Trust, along with our partners, are committed to providing education that will raise hopes, aspirations and attainment of young people in the area. This will be realised through the implementation of the Nishkam Education Vision, which has emerged from over 30 years of education/ voluntary work with children within a socially disadvantaged part of the city.

We have been working with government for the last 10 years to find ways of creating a school our community has consistently been seeking. The Nishkam approach to education has been evolving over this period and has led to the success in delivery of education services. This has also involved supporting programmes at the University of Birmingham, and supporting overseas educational institutions and endeavours.

We are committed to serving the inner city deprived area of Handsworth by rejuvenating dilapidated buildings to use as premises, and by forging partnerships with organisations that share our vision, to motivate and inspire the community.

The community is dedicated to selfless service (nishkam sewa) and spirituality and has grown since the mid-seventies within the socially disadvantaged area of Handsworth. Initially this was through building a Sikh place of worship (Gurudwara), which has now developed into the largest in Europe.  This school project is building on over 30 years of a community’s remarkable self-reliance within an area of high unemployment and urban deprivation, in forging local community well-being and regeneration. The Gurudwara is run on a completely volunteer basis with community donations, serving up to 25,000 free hot meals a week for all.