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Your child's health

Medication in School

Please do not send medication to school via your child. Medication must be handed to the school office by an adult.

Parent administering prescribed medication on school grounds

If your child is receiving medicine prescribed by a doctor, s/he will normally have it administered at home. However, if you consider your child fit enough to attend school, the medication can be administered by a first aider only if you have given signed permission for this to happen.

Staff member administering prescribed medication on school grounds

  • In exceptional circumstances, a designated member of staff may administer medicine but only by prior agreement with the school. Our policy is that only prescribed medicines can be administered by the school.
  • In this case, medicine must be handed directly to the school office, children should not be sent to school with medicine.
  • Please ensure that medicine is clearly labelled with the contents, the child’s name and the correct dosage (you will be asked to complete a short form at the school office).
  • The school cannot be held responsible for the consequences of administering a medicine where this was carried out as prescribed by the doctor and/or as instructed by the parent.

Medical or dental appointments

If your child will be late or needs to be collected early, please send a note to the class teacher the day before.

Medical information for illnesses

If your child suffers from asthma, diabetes, anaphylaxis or any other serious long-term illness, we must have full details. In most circumstances we will arrange to meet with parents to ensure that a care plan is in place prior to your child starting school and this will be regularly reviewed with the school nurse.