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Art Enrichment Day

Art Enrichment day saw the entire school immersed in art-focused learning with a focus on BAME artists. As a school we wanted to develop our pupils’ cultural capital by seeing artists from all walks of life allowing children to develop their own identity, as well as nurturing tolerance and acceptance for all. Each year group was given an artist to explore from different parts of the world including Brazil, Bolivia, and America!

Children compared this artist to one they had already studied within their art lessons and discussed similarities and differences both in imagery and concept. Through a developed awareness of the artist’s background children, were able to think critically and make links within their work. Whilst exploring the artist’s history children identified the virtues and skills needed throughout an artistic journey. Each artist displayed courage, diligence, patience and many other of the virtues that we hold dear at key points in their lives. Seeing these virtues in a real-life context inspired and encouraged the children to reflect on the virtues needed to achieve their own goals in life.

After investigating their artist’s background, the children studied their artwork to develop their own skills. They then created inspired artwork linked to the theme of “New Beginnings” linked to the season of spring as well as entering more positive and hopeful times during the Covid-19 pandemic. Year groups selected the media they felt best fitted their artist, some choosing paint, others collage or pastel. It was a fantastic opportunity for children to consolidate previously taught skills and apply them in a new context.

We are very much aware of the negative impact that lockdown has had on our young people’s mental health, so we wanted this day to be something that nurtured their well-being. For many, Art is a safe place to develop resilience and courage through taking risks and trying something new. Creative tasks are a great opportunity for individual growth, but also for collaboration and teamwork. It was amazing to see our pupils complimenting, guiding and encouraging one another throughout the day. We are already looking forward to our next enrichment day!