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Pupils showing virtues in difficult times

Years 4 – 6 have been looking at the virtue of ‘Faith’

During this difficult time, children have continued to reflect and use their virtues of Faith and Prayerfulness. It is a reminder to us all that even during tough times, we must have hope.

Year 6

Reflecting on recent circumstances, children have written reflections on how they show ‘prayerfulness in all circumstances’
Over the past two weeks, I have prayed everyday for all of humanity and for the welfare, safety and speedy recovery of all people that have the Covid-19 virus. I’m saddened by the impact of Covid-19 on its victims and their families but I’m also grateful and humbled that we have the key workers and emergency services fighting for us all to help stop the virus from spreading and taking our loved ones away. I have been praying for them all.
Being prayerful in all circumstances has helped me to come to terms with the pandemic and it’s helped me to grow as a caring person. I know we, as a society, will look after each other and we will not take our family and friends for granted. We will take care of our world and environment, because Mother Earth is our true provider- she never asks for much back, no contracts or deals, she doesn’t care about your colour, religion or job status.
I have an opportunity to be a better person and show leadership for the future by developing humanity to love and appreciate what we have and not to treat each other as just a number but to understand that we all can make a difference and not to leave it to individuals or awards to motivate us to do the right thing.
- Ratan S

My faith has been rocked and tested in the last few weeks. However, my faith is still here and it always will be, no matter what happens. My faith is, in fact, stronger when I am weak; it carries me. My faith in you Lord, is all I am.
- Rukiran B

I am prayerful in all circumstances. Whether we are in good or bad times, we must always remember God.
- Taranjot S

From an early age my parents taught me to pray regularly each day and to thank God. This means not only being thankful during good days, but also the most challenging of days. I am thankful to God even when I am facing difficulties, as He helps me to overcome them. Giving gratitude to God in all circumstances, daily, completely changes your outlook and approach.
- Maha B

Over the past two weeks, I think I have demonstrated the virtue of faith by not losing hope and staying prayerful in all circumstances. I’ve been praying for the people that are suffering now and hoping that they will get better.
- Avneet K

Over the past 14 days, I have shown the virtue of faith by being prayerful through these hard times. I have asked God for help when I am struggling. I can use the virtue of faith in the future by believing in Him and having hope that everything will be okay.
- Sienna J

Over the past two weeks, I think I have demonstrated the virtue of faith by praying to God every day if I need help or if purely to show gratitude. Being prayerful in all circumstances has helped me to stay calm even when it is very hard.
- Avneet T

Over the past two weeks, I think I have demonstrated the virtue of faith by thinking of good times then the hard times and being positive and never losing hope.
- Jagdeep P

Over the past two weeks, I think I have shown the virtue of faith by waking up every morning at 5:45 am to do my prayers. As a family we have demonstrated the virtue of faith by doing prayers at 7:00 pm every day to mentally support those who's family member(s) are ill or very unwell due to the coronavirus or other illnesses.
- Bhajneek M

Year 5

Year 5 children were asked to list the small things that they can do to make a difference in this world
I can recycle to help the environment. I can be kind to others and they can pass it on. I can help others if they struggle on maths or English. I can show compassion to others. I can share with others if they don’t have it. I can teach others to show kindness and they can pass on that lesson. I can say please and thank you. And when people stat to here me say nice words they will use them and others. It doesn’t have to be in school you can show these values everywhere to your mom and dad and to anyone.
- A. U. age 9, Contentment 1

1. Saying 'hello' and 'thank you'
2. Helping out when needed 3. Smiling at people when they enter the room 4. Open the door to people behind me so they can walk through 5. Helping my mum with the housework without being asked to 6. Helping my younger sibling with her homework
- M.S. age 10, Contentment 1

• meditate
• share with all
• give to charity
• be kind
• smile often
• be humble
• expect a little give a lot
• be thankful
• having fun
• love everyone
• speak kindly
• treat others how you would want them to treat you
- B.S. age 9, Contentment 1

Year 4

Children were asked to seek a relationship with God by listing all the wonderful things that He has created.They also thought about all the things that they are grateful for:
- Plants and trees
- Vibrant flowers
- Beautiful weather- rain or shine
- Herbs and spices
- Creatures, such as worms, bees and ants
- Beautiful gardens
- A wonderful home
- Amazing coloured rocks
- Birds singing nature’s song
- Sunlight in order to grow food

Years 1 -3 have continued to use the value of Forgiveness while being at home

Year 3

The children looked at given scenarios and thought about how they could implement forgiveness:
I didn’t mean to say something hurtful to my friend but now my friend is upset. What should I do?
I would say sorry and next time think about what I say as I could hurt my friend’s feelings.
If you’ve made a mistake and your teacher gives you a Level 3 to your friend mistakenly, what would you do?
I would approach my teacher and tell the truth and apologise for the teacher thinking it was my friend’s fault.
I have broken my ruler and threw it in the bin. How do I tell my teacher?
I have accidentally broken my ruler and threw it in the bin. Please can I have another one and I will make sure I don’t do it again.
If you borrowed your friend’s precious golden pen and you accidentally lost it, what would you do?
I would admit to my friend that I lost his pen and would say sorry and would offer to buy him a new one.
- AJ Compassion 2

Year 2

Children thought about 5 reasons why they would ‘pray for people that hurt them, rather than hold grudges’.
1) It makes you feel better
2) Gives you inner peace
3) Makes you forgive easily
4) It doesn’t make you angry
5) You can tell God how you feel because he will not judge you
- HR Humility 2

1) It sets you free
2) Stops you from holding a grudge
3) Where there is forgiveness, there is God
4) By forgiving people they might then realise what they’ve done.
5) All you must do is say ‘sorry’
- H.S. Humility 1

1) Gives you inner peace
2) Holding a grudge doesn’t make you a bigger person
3) They will see what they’ve done wrong
4) Stops you stressing
5) Set you and your feelings free
-R.B. Compassion 1

1) Praying gives me hope
2) Helps my heart and mind
3) Improves my attitude
4) Helps me feel better
5) Sets me free
- B.K. Humility 1

1) I would forgive them because if we show kindness they might show kindness back
2) Show kindness instead of holding a grudge
3) Forgiveness frees us from pain
4) Where there is forgiveness, there is God.
5) God will watch and protect us
- V.S. Humility 1

Year 1

Year 1 children made a list of times they had been kind and said ‘I forgive you’ to someone.
I have shown forgiveness to my brother when he is mean to me and when he says sorry I tell him it’s ok. I never take revenge. Revenge is when you do something back to someone who has hurt you.
- JB Service 2

Once my friend pushed me by accident then she said sorry so I forgave her.
Once my dad ate my chocolate. I got sad but when he said sorry, I forgave him.
- Ma Service 2

I be kind and share my toys with my friends when we get upset.
I still love my sister when we fight
When someone makes me sad, I still try to be kind.
- SS Service 1