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Summary of application process

The school offers 60 places in each year.


All applicants must complete the Preference/Application Form for school’s admissions for your Local Authority before the deadline.
Please check the website of the Local Authority where you live for the deadline and full guidance about the process. For Primary Schools the admissions deadline is in January 2019.

The Local Authority Preference/Application Form for school admissions may be found on the following websites (depending on where you live) e.g.



Only required if you would like to apply for a place on the basis of Faith (upto 50% of places). Please complete the Nishkam school’s Supplementary Information Form (SIF) and ensure it is also countersigned by an appropriate religious authority.
The SIF can be downloaded from the school website at:

Please return to school office by 15th January.


Your Local Authority in which you live will notify you of which school your child has gained a place in on National Offer Day (usually in mid-April for Primary Schools).