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  • Reading at Nishkam Primary School Birmingham

    Published 14/06/21
    Here at Nishkam Primary School, we pride ourselves on the fact that we love reading! We strive to inspire and foster a love of reading amongst all our pupils and do so through a variety of ways.   Our library is the highli
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  • Art Enrichment Day

    Published 31/03/21
    Art Enrichment day saw the entire school immersed in art-focused learning with a focus on BAME artists. As a school we wanted to develop our pupils’ cultural capital by seeing artists from all walks of life allowing children to develop their ow
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  • Pupils showing virtues in difficult times

    Published 06/04/20
    Years 4 – 6 have been looking at the virtue of ‘Faith’ During this difficult time, children have continued to reflect and use their virtues of Faith and Prayerfulness. It is a reminder to us all that even during tough times, we
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  • Coronavirus Update

    Published 19/03/20
    Updated COVID information for the beginning of Spring term 2021 For all updates on Coronavirus please click on this link 
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  • Nishkam takes on Great Birmingham Run

    Published 24/09/19
    Nishkam staff and pupils from across the Nishkam schools will be taking part in the Great Birmingham run. There is still time to sign up!  Here is a news feature from the Birmingham mail Calling all kids! Children can join Birmingham city
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  • Ingestre Hall collaboration by all primaries

    Published 18/10/18
    Ingestre Hall June 2018 A record breaking 96 pupils from Nishkam Primaries in Birmingham, Wolverhampton and London joined together for a 3-night visit to Ingestre Hall Arts Residential Centre.  This was the largest group Ingestre Hall has eve
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