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Senior Leadership Team  
Interim Principal - SENCO C Deeks
Vice Principal - Learning and Teaching E Wilks
Assistant Principal - Head of Sixth Form A Ruhe
Interim Assistant Principal - Pastoral – Designated Safeguarding Lead E Butler
Assistant Principal - Learning and Teaching P Blackburn
Special Education Need & Disabilities Co-ordinator (SENDCO)  
Pastoral Support  
Interim Assistant Principal Pastoral Lead – Designated Safeguarding Lead & LAC (Looked after children) E Butler
Pupil Achievement Manager - Sixth Form K Bhatti
Pupil Achievement Manager Year 7 and Year 11, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead  J Mahon
Head of Year 10 Y Sidhu
Pupil Achievement Manager Year 8 and Year 9, Admissions and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead B Sembi

Teaching Staff

Lead Practitioner Learning and Teaching T Dowthwaite 
Lead Practitioner Learning and Teaching W Popplewell


Faculty Leader of English L Mosley
Teacher of English E Darby
Teacher of English B Sidaway
Teacher of English A Dhothar
Teacher of English E Millward
Teacher of English E Wilks
Faculty Leader of Mathematics G Ghataora
Teacher of Mathematics A Cotgreave
Teacher of Mathematics G Chand
Teacher of Mathematics R Vaid
Teacher of Mathematics E Butler
Faculty Leader of Modern Foreign Languages and Teacher of French N Deeks
French Lead C Parachini
Punjabi Lead S Basrai
Faculty Leader of Health and Wellbeing T Brush
Teacher of PE P Datt
Food Preparation and Nutrition Lead Y Sidhu
Faculty Leader of Business, Art & Culture and Computer Studies Lead J Chauhan
Teacher of Computers U Mahmood
Art Lead N Kaur
Music Lead S Cobon
Psychology and Sociology Lead S Silvera
Business Studies Lead K Mann
Teacher of Business A Ruhe
Interim Faculty Leader of Science and Physics Lead N Cresswell
Chemistry Lead B Ridley
Teacher of Chemistry S Riaz
Teacher of Chemistry I Samuels
Teacher of Physics H Zubair
Teacher of Physics T Dowthwaite
Biology Lead C Roberts
Teacher of Biology S Dhanda
Teacher of Biology J Kular
Faculty Leader of Humanities and Geography Lead A Vaughan
Teacher of Geography J Darby
Teacher of Geography P Blackburn 
History Lead E Heard
Teacher of History W Popplewell
Religious Studies Lead A Mehta
Faith leader S Laddher

Support Staff

Senior Science Technician E Hawkey
Teaching Assistants H Hughes
Teaching Assistants S Uppal 
Librarian J Bavington
Data Lead S Carmichael
Examinations Officer and Cover Administrator K Richards
PA to Principal/ Office Lead S Burroughs
Finance Officer S Bari
Finance Officer S Chow
Receptionist J Harrison
Receptionist J Marwaha
Site Supervisor A Basra
Kitchen Assistant K Kaur
Lunchtime Supervisor P K Sandhu