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KS4 curriculum

Core Curriculum

Students study five lessons per week for maths and for English Language and English Literature. This will result in one GCSE for maths and two GCSEs for English (language and literature).

Students following the triple science path will study nine lessons per week: three for biology, three for chemistry and three for physics.

Students following double science will study six lessons per week and will select an extra option subject. 

All students will have two lesson of faith and one of PE in addition to the above.


KS4 Options


The information below is designed to give parents/carers and students more information about the courses that are being followed this academic year. We hope it gives a helpful summary of the wide range of topics, themes and activities that are undertaken, and of the numerous important skills that we aim to develop during Years 10 and 11.

From the documents, you will be able to ascertain the following information about each subject.

Examination Board: There is an increasing range of revision materials available on the internet and giving details of the examination board for the named subject allows for specific targeting of the correct information.

Curriculum Plan: These provide a detailed outline of the themes and topics to be studied in each of the two or three years of the GCSE courses.

Subject Skills: A description is given of the various skills each subject aims to develop through the work out-lined in the Programme of Study

Methods of Assessment: Assessment is seen as an essential part of learning. Through assessment, students’ achievements can be defined, and areas needing further attention can be identified. Different courses employ different methods of assessment, carefully chosen by their teachers to suit the nature of the subject taught. The methods may include continuous assessment, end of unit tests, controlled conditions tasks completed in classrooms or bigger venues and annual examinations.

Who to speak to and How to Help: The last two sections provide information about the key staff for each course and outlines some of the ways in which parents can help their children to succeed. Please use this document to inform you about the key aspects of the courses that your child is taking in Years 10 & 11.


KS4 Curriculum 2022-2023

KS4 Citizenship Curriculum