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Progressing to University

Our aim is to produce young people who not only have strong faith inspired qualities, but also gain places at Universities. We will encourage them to apply and provide support at each stage of the application process. In the Spring term, Year 12, students will be encouraged to sign up for university taster days and visits to the UCAS conventions.

In the summer term there will be an ‘Applying to University Information’ for parents and students. In late June the students register with UCAS and are guided through the early stages of the application process. They will need to make decisions about the subjects they study and the types of university they will apply to over the summer.

The students are fully supported by their form tutor and the Sixth Form team in completing their applications, by early October for applicants to Oxbridge and for Medicine and related courses, and by early November for the other courses. The support continues through the Spring Term of Year 13 when students have to make decisions about which offers to accept and with guidance about arranging financial support.

Being based in the centre of Birmingham affords us the opportunity to network and work with local universities on a frequent basis. In particular, we work closely with The University of Birmingham and Aston University throughout both Year 12 and 13, gearing our students up for what lies ahead. From campus tours, to year group presentation, we have found our Sixth Formers benefit greatly from the outreach programmes of these universities, with many students making them their firm choice options when applying for university.