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Edition 5 - In It Together

Mental health and wellbeing

As we’re starting week seven of lockdown, for some families the new routine is getting easier and for others it’s getting more difficult. The novelty factor has worn off and the reality that life is not going to revert to normal any time soon is daunting. 


 It’s OK not to be perfect! Everybody is finding adjusting to the new normal difficult. We’re not used to spending all day, every day with the people we live with – no matter how much we love them. There are bound to be short-tempers, cross words and frustrations. Accept this, acknowledge this and, as far as possible, give everyone in the family some time to themselves every day.

Don’t try to be all things to all people – it’s not possible. You are a mum or a dad – and you are a brilliant mum or dad. But you are not your children’s friend, you are not their teacher, their grandparent, their sibling or their adventure leader. Don’t try and fulfil all these roles for your children; be the best parent you can be, help them where you can and encourage facetime so they can keep in touch with those they are missing. Don’t exhaust yourself by pretending you can fill in all the gaps – you can’t.

Taking up a new hobby during lockdown is not for everyone! Lots of companies have offered free activities/memberships to help stave boredom while we’re staying at home – and that’s a fantastic thing and wonderful if you have members of the family that want to benefit. Don’t feel guilty if you are struggling to cope and don’t feel you have the time (or energy) to introduce something new into your lives:- that’s OK too.

Remember we are here to support you if you need us, regular updates and links to resources are posted to our facebook and shared with our students online, stay safe, stay well and stay in touch!