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Uniform Policy

Nishkam High School pupils are ambassadors of the school and all the Nishkam Schools in the trust.  We believe our uniform fosters a sense of belonging, pride and identity. It sets high standards for students and makes an important contribution to a positive and purposeful working environment. We ask that parents support us with the uniform policy and ensure pupils come to school with smart, clean uniform on every day.

The schools uniform supplier is My Uniform Hub


70b Soho Road,
B21 9BH

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday 10am – 4.30pm

Saturday 11am – 2pm*

*only in the summer period.

Sunday’s Closed


Telephone: 0121 551 7719  

Please ensure that all items of uniform are clearly labelled with your child’s name; this is very important as we cannot take responsibility for unnamed items.



Items available from

My Uniform Hub

Available from other retail outlets

eg supermarkets




School regulation wool blazer (mid grey, gold trim and school crest)



School tie



School regulation jumper (mid grey, gold trim with school crest)



School regulation Skirt/trousers (mid grey)



Chunni (head scarf) for Sikh students during prayer (mid grey)



Blouse (white)


Tights/socks (mid grey)


Shoes (black)





School wool blazer (mid grey, gold trim and school crest)



School tie



School regulation jumper (mid grey, gold trim with school crest)



A Dastaar is required to be worn by all male Sikh kesadhari pupils (mid grey)



Shirt (white)


Trousers (mid grey)


BOYS/GIRLS PE; Compulsory

Polo t-shirt with logo according to form:

Yellow (‘Compassion’); Red (‘Truth’);

Green (‘Contentment’); Blue (‘Humility’)



Sweatband with logo



Black sports shorts


Black long football socks


Sports trainers (not pumps, converses or high tops)


Gum shield and shin pads for required sports



 Black zip up tracksuit bottoms


Grey sweatshirt with or without logo


Bag with logo


Articles of Faith

  • Articles of faith may be worn as specified by an appropriate religious authority.
  • A Kirpan may be worn under the uniform by Amritdhari (initiated) Sikhs only, with written permission from parents. It is expected that all pupils wearing the kirpan, fully understand their responsibilities.


In the interests of safety, pupils should not wear jewellery as these can easily get caught. Articles of faith maybe worn; we will ask children to help us make a safe environment for all by respectfully asking them to cover articles of faith with protective cover during PE to prevent any risk of accident.  

To reflect any professional working environment, male students are not permitted to wear earrings. Female students may wear simple stud earrings.

Pupils should not come to school wearing any of the following;

  • A loosely hanging patka; it should be tied neatly.
  • Loose hair. Keshadhari boys should tie hair at the top of the head and not at the back.  Keshadhari Sikh boys will wear a Dastaar from Year 7 onwards.
  • Skirts other than the standard school uniform version.
  • Jeans or skinny trousers
  • Leggings (or similar).
  • Patterned or “fishnet” tights; only plain grey tights with the school skirt will be permitted.
  • Boots, flip flops, trainers.
  • Jewellery including bracelets, necklaces, wristbands, non-ear piercings. Stipulated articles of faith may be worn.  
  • Earrings other than simple studs for female students, or multiple pairs of earrings.
  • Male students wearing earrings.
  • Make up. (Make up not is allowed).
  • Acrylic nails, nail gels, nail colouring and varnish.
  • Hoodies, denim jackets, leather jackets or tracksuit tops worn as an outside jacket.
  • Extreme hairstyles (Mohawks, tramlines, shaved patterns, less than grade two, unnatural hair dye colours).

The uniform is compulsory to wear at all times on the journey to and from the school and during the school day. Failure to adhere to the policy is serious and will be addressed through the school’s behaviour protocols.

Sixth Form

To wear professional business attire.

Uniform for 6th Form girls

Uniform for 6th Form boys

  • Smart trousers/skirts (or suit)
  • Collared work shirt or smart top
  • Smart work shoes or boots; no trainers, flip-flops, or similar.
  • Tights should be plain (no patterned tights).
  •  (head scarf) for Sikh students during prayer.
  • Smart Trouser and blazer (or suit)
  • Collared work shirt and tie
  • Smart work shoes; no trainers.
  • Dastaar for Keshadhari Sikh students.

Additional notes:

  • Trousers must be full length and tailored style, no leggings or cropped trousers or shorts allowed.   Material should be plain  – no denim allowed.
  • Skirts must be of a modest length and allow freedom of movement around school.
  • Tops must be of a suitable, non see-through material with a modesty of neckline. Length must ensure complete covering of midriff.
  • Footwear must be suitable to maintain work appearance – no trainers. Heels should be appropriate and small.

In order to maintain an appropriate dress code whilst allowing our Sixth Form students the privilege of wearing their individual choice of suit, and access to a modern working wardrobe, the school reserves the right to send home any student who fails to meet our standards.  It is suggested that students studying Art or Design courses wear an overall or apron in order to protect their clothing.

It is compulsory to wear appropriate Sixth Form clothing on the journey to and from school and during the school day. Failure to adhere to the policy is serious and will be addressed through the school’s behaviour protocols.