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Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher (Primary Phase) Mrs S Rai
Headteacher (Secondary Phase) Mr G Dineen

Deputy Headteacher (Secondary Phase)

Miss J Atkin

Deputy Headteacher (Secondary Phase) Miss Cruickshank

Deputy Headteacher (Primary Phase)

Miss S Militello

Assistant Headteacher (EYFS & KS1) Miss J Plahe 
Assistant Headteacher (KS2) Mrs M Kaur
Assistant Headteacher (SEND & Personal Development) Mr S Dias-Smith
Assistant Headteacher (Curriculum, Data and Standards)  Ms M Gill 
Assistant Headteacher (Teaching and Learning) Mr W Milligan
Assistant Headteacher (Vocational Qualifications, Exams and Careers) Mr J Kerrisk
Associate Assistant Headteacher (PSHCE, British Values and Citizenship) Ms N Chada
Associate Assistant Headteacher (Pupil Premium) Mr M Vijendra

Assistant Headteacher (Maternity leave)

Ms S Gaymer

Special Education Need & Disabilites Co-ordinator (SENDCO)



Ms P Pillay

Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)



Mrs S Rai

DSL Miss J Atkin

Primary Phase Teaching Staff

Reception Teacher: R Humility Miss Gokaya
Reception Teacher: R Compassion Mrs Seira

Reception Teacher: R Contentment

Miss Okuoimose

Reception Teacher: R Truth Mrs Kang
Year 1 Teacher: 1 Contentment Ms P Rasooli
Year 1 Teacher: 1 Compassion Mrs Lall
Year 1 Teacher: 1 Truth Mrs Osman

Year 1 Teacher: 1 Humility

Mrs Panesar-Tatla

Year 2 Teacher: 2 Compassion

Mrs Cottee

 Year 2 Teacher: 2 Humility

Ms Jain

Year 2 Teacher: 2 Truth

Miss Alioska
Year 2 Teacher: 2 Contentment Miss Bennett
Year 3 Teacher: 3 Truth Ms N Ibrahim
 Year 3 Teacher: 3 Compassion Ms O'Connell
Year 3 Teacher: 3 Contentment Ms Ridley
 Year 3 Teacher: 3 Humility Ms S Singh
Year 4 Teacher: 4 Contentment Miss Wood
Year 4 Teacher: 4 Truth Mrs Bansal
Year 4 Teacher: 4 Humility Mr Granville
Year 4 Teacher: 4 Compassion Mrs Sohail
Year 5 Teacher: 5 Truth Mrs Pun
Year 5 Teacher: 5 Compassion Miss Sodhi
Year 5 Teacher: 5 Contentment Mrs Jatana
Year 5 Teacher: 5 Humility Ms Ashworth
Year 6 Teacher: 6 Compassion Miss Zahra
Year 6 Teacher: 6 Truth Mrs Gadar

PPA Cover

Mrs K K Lall

Teacher of Punjabi Mrs M Basra

Associate Teacher

Miss J Dhaliwal

Mrs S Dorman

Miss P Kaur Gadar

Mrs S Ghalan

Ms H Gill

Mrs D Khalsa

Miss S Mata

Mrs R Jawanda

Mrs M Johal

Mrs A Kaur

Mrs H Kaur

Mrs J Randhawa

Mrs J Samra

Mrs R Sandhu

Ms S Shabani

Miss R Sidhu

Mrs G Soor

Mrs H Aujla

Secondary Phase Teaching Staff


Curriculum Leader for Maths Mr M Vijendra
Deputy Curriculum Leader for Maths Mr R Arscott
Teacher of Maths Mr S Charania
Teacher of Maths Mr M Chumber
Teacher of Maths Mr I Ashfaq
KS4 Leader for English  Ms A Sehijpal
KS3 Leader for English Miss A Aushana
Assistant Headteacher, Teacher of English Mr W Milligan
Teacher of English Miss J Blagg
Teacher of English Miss L Russell
Teacher of English Ms E Wilkinson
Library & Literacy Coordinator Miss P Phelan
Curriculum Leader for Science Mrs N Chadha
Science Deputy Curriculum Leader Ms F Bibi
Teacher of Science, SL for Physics Mr P Patel
Teacher of Science, SL for Chemistry Ms A Stika
Teacher of Science Mr O Garcia
PE Curriculum Leader Mrs V Kelly-Graham
Teacher of PE and Enterprise, Head of Key Stage 3 Mr N Seraphin
Teacher of RE, Head of Key Stage 4 Mr T Singh
Deputy Headteacher, Teacher of RE Miss J Atkin
Teacher of RE Mr C Pickersgill
Teacher of RE and History Ms E Young
Assistant Headteacher, Teacher of History Ms S Gaymer
Teacher of History and Sociology Miss S Banks
Assistant Headteacher, Teacher of Geography Ms M Gill
Teacher of Geography and Travel & Tourism Ms V Tekin
Teacher of Drama, Drama/LAMDA Lead Miss G Stafford
Teacher of Food Technology and Teacher of Punjabi Mrs G Johal
Teacher of Art, Art/Faith and Virtues Lead Ms R K Khalsa
Teacher of Spanish Ms A Ciaurriz
Teacher of Computing Mr L Parnell
Teacher of Music Mr C McCarthy
Curriculum Leader for MFL Miss S Johnson
Teacher of Year 7 Nurture Group Ms J Babbra
Support Staff  
Counsellor Ms J Briggs
Librarian Ms S Ahmed
Associate Teacher Miss I Chapman
Associate Teacher Ms L Bayo
Science Technician Mr E Bannister

Administration Staff


School Business Manager

Ms A Della-Valle
Pastoral Administrator Ms L Murphy
Pastoral Administrator Miss L Barakat
Pastoral Administrator Mr O Brown
School Administrator Ms G Dusanjh
Office Manager Ms M Burke
School Administrator Ms C Harriott
School Administrator Ms D Narendrakumar
School Administrator / Wraparound Care Manager Javeria Aleem
Site Management  
Senior Site Manager Mr K Crosdale
Site Manager Mr N Matharu
Site Assistant Ted McLean
Lettings Assistant Mr M Bhangu
Lettings Assistant Mr B Debnath
Kitchen and Other Staff  


Mrs S Debnath


Mrs K Sidhu
Catering Mrs V Pisavadia
Catering Ms M Ahmed
Catering Mrs S Godor
Catering Ms S Sharma
Extended Day/ Lunchtime Ms M Dhatt
Extended Day/ Lunchtime Ms K Banger
Catering / Traffic Marshal Ms I Lalli

Traffic Marshal/Lunchtime

Mrs M Kaur