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Welcome to Nishkam School West London, a place of great optimism, purposefulness and calm where pupils not only excel academically but also learn to become compassionate and respectful human beings.  

Despite the school’s short history, we have already established ourselves as one of the highest performing schools in the country.  Results in the primary phase consistently put the school in top 5% for attainment nationally.  At GCSE, our Progress 8 score of 0.92 put us amongst the top 1.5% of state schools in England.  Aspirations are set very high for our outstanding-rated all-through school, as we look for our pupils to achieve the very best in preparation for higher education and a life of purpose.

This ambition for our students to excel academically is matched by our desire to see them flourish as well-rounded individuals.  Our PSHCE and pastoral programmes centre around our 45 Virtues which are at the centre of all of our various subject curricula.  Contentment, love, commitment, truth and humility are just some of the virtues that our students are exposed to on a daily basis at our school.  Our faith school seeks to inspire our students to not simply learn about faiths but to learn from faith.  Opportunities for students to pray and to explore their faith are embedded within our school day and academic calendar. 

Our enrichment programmes and supra-curricular activities really do set us apart from many other educational institutions.  Students in our secondary phase regularly engage with PhD students through the Brilliant Club’s Scholars Programme.  We also have numerous days in the year where our students visit institutions such as Kew Gardens, the Science Museum, the Tate Modern along with a hosting a wide array of internal workshops and guest speakers.  Extra-curricular clubs and activities are also a part of our regular after-school programme of events.  Badminton Club, Cooking Club, Karate Club and Debating Club are just a handful of those we could mention.

We are proud of the school we lead and of the young people that we work with on a daily basis.  We look forward to welcoming many more students to our community over the coming years.  We are confident they will all be inspired to success by the beautiful setting, the highly skilled team of teachers and strong faith-based virtues that permeate every aspect of their school lives.

Headteacher (Primary Phase): Mrs S Rai

Headteacher (Secondary Phase): Mr G Dineen