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Welcome to Nishkam School West London, a place of great optimism, purposefulness and calm where pupils not only excel academically but also learn to become compassionate and respectful human beings.  

Hopes are set very high for our outstanding-rated all-through school, as we look for our pupils to achieve the very best in preparation for higher education and a life of purpose. Firm foundations have already been laid, with primary results in Key Stage 1 placing the school’s performance in the top 5% for attainment nationally. But even more encouraging for us are the values demonstrated by our pupils in their everyday lives.

Latest News

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    Nishkam School

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    Nishkam School

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    Nishkam School

  • We are incredibly proud of our pupils, who performed and spoke so confidently at 10 Downing Street this week. Here is a link to the official video from number 10.

  • A night to remember at NSWL! What a performance from our young musicians at our first ever Christmas concert. Their confidence on a big stage in front of nearly 400 people was so impressive. A huge thank you also to all the staff who worked so hard to make it possible.

  • Fantastic show of unity from our pupils for odd socks day

  • A big thank you to PC Adam Justice, who shared his wisdom about online safety with Years 5-7 today. Lots of things for us to think about.

  • Happy Diwali everyone. Thank you so much to the Year 6 and Year 3 classes who put on such a show today. It was wonderful to see the whole community together again, along with lots of parents, for a showcase assembly in our amazing central space.

  • Expertly led icebreaker with our growing and very positive staff team. Great energy at NSWL on day 1.

  • Please use the link below to see information about a UK event celebrating and learning from the legacy of Guru Nanak Dev ji. Bookings can also be made through the link.

  • It was a pleasure to welcome pupils from Berrymede primary school and Sacred Heart RC girls school today as part of the Interfaith School Linking project. Many of our values were on display as pupils worked and played with each other so well.

  • Such a privilege to have all the Trust teachers together today at NSWL. Colleagues benefitted from such a range of workshops and thought-provoking themes. We look forward to seeing some of that great practice in lessons next week.

  • Strong performance from 4 Humility this week, and it is always lovely to see both phases coming together to celebrate class assemblies.

  • Fantastic unity shown by our pupils celebrating odd socks day

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