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How to Apply


Summary of application process for Reception to Year 11

Pupil admissions will open for Year 7 on 1st September 2022 and Reception year (age 4) on 1st October 2022. 

You may choose to apply either through:

1. A Faith category place (50% of all places). If you are a practising member of a religion you may choose to apply through this category. Please complete Steps 1 and 2.

2. An Open place (the remaining 50% of places). If you are not a practising member of a faith please complete Step 1 only.

STEP 1 - For all applicants

All applicants must complete the Preference/Application Form for school’s admissions from your Local Authority, where you live, before 31st October 2022 (Secondary), 15th January 2023 (Primary). 

The Local Authority Preference/Application full guidance and form for school admissions may be found on the following websites (depending on where you live), for example:



Please ensure if you are applying under the staff or sibling category this is stated when completing your preferences. 

Please see our Admissions Policies:

Admissions Policy for Academic Year 2023-2024 

Admissions Policy for Academic Year 2022-2023 

Hounslow LA Address Definition

STEP 2 - For Faith category places only

If you are applying for a place based on faith, (50% of all places), please kindly complete this application by;

  • for age 11 (Year 7) places: 31st October 2022
  • for age 4 (Reception) places: 15th January 2023

1. Download and complete the Supplementary Information Form for Reception or Year 7 September 2023. If applying In year please complete the In year Supplementary Information Form. Please fill in all the information and have it countersigned by the appropriate religious authority (from your place of worship). This should include both the relevant signature and stamp from the place of worship. 

2. Once the Supplementary Information Form is completed, signed and stamped please send via email to or and add the Year group and “Supplementary Information Form” to the subject box.

Please note the Supplementary Information Form will need to be fully and correctly completed within the specified deadlines. All other forms will unfortunately have to be legally rejected. In this circumstance your child’s place will automatically be considered within the ‘open category’. 


Your Local Authority in which you live will notify you of which school your child has gained a place in on National Offer Day, 2nd March 2023 for Secondary and 16th April 2023 for Primary. 

For further information please contact the school office on 0203 141 8760 or email

Reception to Year 6

Year 7 to Year 10

In Year Admissions

Please kindly note that Nishkam School is heavily oversubscribed. However if you are considering applying for a place at Nishkam school for your child other than for the beginning of Reception or Year 7  the process for applying is different to the above. This is known as an ‘In Year Application’. Please note that this is not undertaken directly through the school but through Hounslow Local Authority.

Please read and apply through: Hounslow In Year Admissions

If you would like this application to be considered as a ‘Faith’ category place please also complete STEP 2 above.

In addition please carefully read the ‘In Year Admissions Policy for Academic year 2022-2023’ 

The following links are also available for further information:


For appeals information please go to Appeals

Admission arrangements for pupils with disabilities

Children are admitted according to our Admissions Policy. The admission of pupils with disabilities is the same as those applied to pupils without disabilities. The school complies fully with the Equality Act and the School Admissions Code in relation to the arrangements for the admission of disabled pupils. Where the school is oversubscribed all children are admitted in accordance with the published oversubscription criteria. Where a child is disabled the school will make reasonable adjustments and provide auxiliary aids or services to ensure that no disabled child is placed at a substantial disadvantage compared to other pupils. Parents of children with disabilities are advised to speak to us prior to admission to discuss any reasonable adjustments required so we can plan accordingly.

Summary of application process for Sixth form 

To apply please use this link -


Sixth form Admissions Arrangements 

NSWL Determined admissions arrangements - Year 12 2023

NSWL Determined Admissions Criteria 2023 Year 12 Appendix 1


Consultation of Admissions Arrangements and Supplementary Information Form 

Nishkam School West London will be consulting on the attached Supplementary Information Form to clarify one of the statements (changes highlighted in yellow). No changes have been made to the admissions criteria.

The consultation will run from Friday 11th November 2022 to Friday 23rd December 2022.

Proposed Admissions Criteria Reception and Year 7 2024-2025

Proposed Admissions Criteria Year 12 2024-2025

Proposed Supplementary Information Form 2024-2025

Any comments please kindly email