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Curriculum Information

The curriculum at Nishkam West London is designed to ensure that pupils achieve their very best and become better human beings, underpinned by virtues education across the curriculum, in particular peace and forgiveness. The curriculum encourages a love of learning and is delivered by staff who are knowledgeable and passionate about the topics they teach. Our curriculum is built upon knowledge-rich learning which builds each term and year through a curriculum narrative carefully considered to help pupils build and maintain connections in their learning. The curriculum enables our pupils to build up key knowledge and skills so that they are on track to achieve top grades in their GCSEs and A-Levels.

We believe in the integrity of each subject within the curriculum. They are taught discretely fostering a love for each discipline, creating historians, geographers, scientists who articulate a love for learning and can draw comparisons and links to other subject disciplines. Pupils are provided with clear progression of skills and opportunities, within a curriculum that reflects the interests and cultural capital of the pupils, parents and staff within the school. Through our virtues approach we aim to create resilient, diligent and creative learners who strive to succeed. The golden threads of peace, collaboration, forgiveness and love permeate throughout what we do making our curriculum not only knowledge-rich but also humanity-rich.