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Travelling to school

Travel and Parking guidelines for Parents


Parents can help us by following some simple travel and parking guidelines.

Our strong preference is that pupils travel to school in the following ways:

  • On foot
  • By bike (if they have passed their cycling proficiency test)
  • Using the school bus
  • Using public transport (The H28 and H91 bus services stop very near the pedestrian gates)

We would recommend that pupils in the secondary phase are not driven to school, this will help improve their independence as well as care for the environment.

We promote travel to school in the ways listed above because:

  • Walking or cycling is much better for pupils’ health
  • Using any means other than driving is better from an environmental perspective
  • Reducing traffic in the local area improves community relations
  • Using the school bus service saves some parents as much as 2 hours per day

Should you wish to sign up for the bus service, please contact the office 

If you have no option other than driving to school, our parking guidelines are very clear:

The park and stride location is from Tesco Extra car park

We ask respectfully that all parents follow these guidelines and do not park anywhere else in the vicinity of the school.

In order for us to achieve all that we hope to achieve, it is vital for staff, pupils and parents alike to uphold the Nishkam virtues, so as part of daily travel arrangements, we would ask parents to consider the following virtues:

Courtesy          Kindness          Respect           Self-discipline          Selflessness        Tact

Thank you very much in advance for taking these points on board and helping us to maintain positive relations with yourselves and the local community.