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Secondary Enrichment

1. Guest Speakers and Visitors

Dr Shami Acharya- Neurosurgeon

28th November 2022

Details: On Monday 28th November, Dr Shami Acharya spoke to 45 KS4 students about her career as a Neurosurgeon working at St George’s hospital.  The talk was extremely informative and gave the students a good understanding of what to expect from a career in Medicine and Neurosurgery.  The students also learnt an invaluable lesson from Dr Acharya about the virtues of Optimism and Resilience and the application of these virtues to the pursuit of their goals and dreams.  The students are now looking forward to hearing from more professionals in the New Year.

Amazon Web Services Assembly

Wednesday 19th January 2023

Details: AWS GetIT is a fully funded education program and competition designed to inspire 12 to 14 year-old students, especially girls, to consider a future in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). ​ The program helps students build foundational skills, learn about cloud tech, and design app ideas to solve problems in their communities. ​ Year 8 Students will work in teams to design apps to solve real world problems in their VFPD lessons. ​

Jasmeet Dial- Graphic Designer

Wednesday 25th January 2023


Jasmeet Dial spoke to 17 KS4 students about his career as a graphic designer.  Many of the students attending currently study GCSE Art but there were some students there who do not study the subject and were curious to learn more about work in this sector.  The key takeaways for the students were that they need to be able to use their creativity to meet client briefs and they will need to build a portfolio of work to show future employers.  The students were really engaged throughout the talk and were able to ask Jasmeet many questions about how to pursue a career in this field.

Year 10 Macbeth: Onsite Study Day- WMI

Tuesday 7th February 2023


This opportunity, namely, to work with actors on Shakespeare’s Macbeth, gave an increased insight into key scenes in the text.  This initial work was then explored further in sessions run by the English Teaching staff.  Students often struggle with the concept that the play exists beyond the page and sometimes can’t see why it has resonated for so long. Actors tend to help to bring those concepts to life.   This is rewarded in examinations by the focus on Assessment Objective AO3 (Context and ideas).  As well as the actor’s workshop, students attended round-robin sessions on ‘staging and rehearsing a key scene’, ‘King James I, Shakespeare and Witchcraft’, ‘Learning and Reciting Quotations’ and a study of ‘The Real King Macbeth’.  Each of these sessions are directly linked to English Literature Assessment objectives.

Tender: Year 9 Healthy Relationships Workshop

Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th January 2023


Tender is an arts charity working with young people to prevent domestic abuse and sexual violence through creative projects. The interactive programme’s are designed by Tender to empower young people with not just the theory but also the skills to form happy and healthy relationships based on equality and respect. Through a mix of drama, arts, and digital based activities a safe, open and engaging space is created where young people can share their opinions, learn from and support each other.

Year 9 First Aid Workshops

Tuesday 7th March 2023


Learning first aid is an invaluable life-skill. It helps children become more risk aware and equips them with skills to keep themselves safe and help themselves or others if involved in a medical emergency. It could save their life.

PC Boyne: Use of Social Media

2nd November & 4th November 2022


Pupils should have a strong understanding of how data is generated, collected, shared and used online, for example, how personal data is captured on social media or understanding the way that businesses may exploit the data available to them.

Pupils should be taught about the benefits of rationing time spent online and the risks of excessive use of electronic devices. In later primary school, pupils should be taught why social media, computer games and online gaming have age restrictions and should be equipped to manage common difficulties encountered online.

Year 7-11 Kirtan for Gurpurab

8th November 2022


Musician Gurbaksh Matharu visited school with his colleague to perform kirtan on the occasion of Guru Nanak Dev Jees Birthday. Pupils experienced prayer and the singing of Gurbani in a similar setting to a gurdwara. Pupils had the opportunity to ask Gurbaksh questions and learn more about the music and Gurbani he performed.  

2. Drop Down Days

Year 11 Post 16 options, applications, CV & Personal Statements, Careers, University visits and Work Experience.

13th October 2022


This drop-down day was designed by Harwin Gill from Harwin Coaching; she developed the resources for 4 lessons which were delivered by internal staff. This day included 4 lessons on the following themes:

  1. CV and Personal Statements (Part : Building your own CV
  2. CV and Personal Statements (Part : Creating a Personal Statement
  3. University, Apprenticeships and other Careers
  4. Work experience – research lesson

Year 10 Achieving excellence in the GCSE years with a focus on Mental Health & Wellbeing, exam technique, managing stress and anxiety.

12th October  2022


This drop down day was designed to support Year 10 pupils at the start of their KS4 journey. This day included 4 lessons run by internal staff and 2 workshops by external providers* on the following themes:

  1. Managing stress and anxiety led by the school counsellor.
  2. Personal Identity, Wellbeing, introspection and mindfulness.
  3. KS4 Revision and Study Skills.
  4. GCSE’s and beyond – careers, different opportunities, pathways.
  5. The Bigger Picture – Setting goals for KS4, considering the consequences of not achieving goals and how to overcome this.

Year 11 Brook Workshops: Sexual Health

Contraception, pregnancy choices, Sexual Health, STI’s, Pornography & Revenge Porn.

13th December 2022


Brook is a national charity which operates several sexual health and wellbeing services across the UK. Brook is committed to supporting young people and their understanding of sexual health. The majority of their services are for people under the age of 25. This drop down day consisted of 4 workshops on the following themes:

  1. STI’s, Sexual Health & Contraception
  2. Pregnancy Choices
  3. Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment
  4. Pornography and Revenge Porn (delivered by Tender)

Year 10 Split Banana Workshops:

Healthy & Abusive Relationships, Consent, Intimate Relationships

14th December 2022


Split banana are a company that deliver Relationship, Sex and Health Education in schools. Their aim is to support young people in understanding what is important in intimate relationships, recognising what makes individuals feel comfortable and uncomfortable in romantic and sexual situations, understanding that porn is not a realistic representation of sex, celebrating differing bodies, sexualities and perspectives and caring for our bodies and minds better. They aim to provided young people with information and guidance to understand relationships and support them to become compassionate, respectful, healthier, and happier members of our society.

The day was designed BY Split Banana in collaboration with the Deputy Head Teacher and DSL to meet the needs of the pupils in our school and included and whole year group assembly on Understanding Consent. All tutor groups then completed 5 workshops on the following themes: Intimate Relationships, Heathy v’s Unhealthy Relationships X2, Pornography, Consent and social media.

Year 7: Your Life You Choose Workshops

23rd February 2023


On Thursday 23rd February students learned of the harsh realities that come with choosing a life of crime. Throughout the day, students were rotated through a series of workshops where they heard about crimes from various perspectives.

In attendance were Police Officers who spoke about knife crime, the types of injuries they see, and the life-changing impact these injuries can have on their victims as well as how gangs groom young people; the Daniel Spargo foundation which spoke to students about the risks associated with taking drugs and the impact that they can have; and the London Ambulance Service spoke to the students about the injuries caused by knife wounds and the basic first aid which can be administered to a victim of a knife attack.  

The students discussed the life choices they have and the consequences of making the wrong choices. The programme encouraged young people to make informed decisions and to understand that they have a choice about the path they take in life.

 3. Trips

Year 10 & 11 Noughts and Crosses Productions

29th September 2022


Pupils attended Richmond Theatre to watch Noughts and Crosses as part of 'Section B: Study of set text' (Component 1 AQA GCSE Drama). In Section B, students answer short and extended questions on one set play. Our choice of set play for the GCSE exam is: Noughts and Crosses (Nick Hearn Modern Plays/Malorie Blackman/Dominic Cooke). Students are expected to know and understand the characteristics and context of the whole play they have studied.

Six: The Musical

8th December 2022


At Drama GCSE pupils are required to watch live theatre in 'component 1: Understanding Drama'. Pupils are assessed on their knowledge and understanding of how drama and theatre is developed and performed (AO3), including in connection to a set play and on their ability to analyse and evaluate the live theatre work of others (AO4).

As part of the Live theatre production requirement at GCSE students watched SIX the musical in December 2022. Pupils must learn how to analyse and evaluate the work of live theatre makers (performers and/or designers). Students should aim to understand productions in terms of the relevant content listed in knowledge and understanding assessment objectives.

Year 10 & 11 London Philharmonic Orchestra: Brightsparks GCSE Concert

29th November 2022


Live performance by London Philharmonic Orchestra. The orchestra performed set works pieces from various GCSE Music exam boards including Edexcel, OCR and Eduqas. 

One of the set works on the Eduqas course, J.S Bach's Badinerie, was performed. The structure and key musical elements features/terminology of the set work were explained to students, with interactive quizzes included to test their knowledge.

This set work will be included in their Component 3 listening exam in the Summer and the concert allowed students to develop their understanding of the key terms through seeing a live orchestra demonstrate them.

Year 11 Barcelona Trip



The Barcelona Trip gave our Year 11 students the opportunity to practice their spoken Spanish around the beautiful city. The trip will blend opportunities for improvement of students’ linguistic and cultural understandings. We will see the world-renowned architecture of Gaudí, including the famous Sagrada Familia, and discover the authentic Spanish cuisine in La Boquería market. We will learn about Barcelona’s precious history, as we observe the views from Montjuic Castle fortress and explore the narrow medieval streets of the Gothic Quarter. Everywhere we go, students will be given tasks to ensure they are truly relishing the opportunity to build on their vocabulary and practice their Spanish.

Year 7-11 Andorra Ski Trip



The ski trip is an opportunity for students in Years 7-11 to learn how to ski in the Pyrenees, in an area that is perfect for beginners and intermediate skiers. The trip will last 8 days and include 5 days of skiing with an instructor as well as other team building exercises. Children will be staying and skiing with children who they are unfamiliar with; this provides an opportunity to work on social skills, teamwork and resilience. We will be staying in Andorra, where both English and Spanish are spoken to enable our Spanish speakers to practice the language. As well as the learning opportunities, it is also a trip where students can have fun and enjoy themselves in an environment that many will not have experienced before.

Year 11 Poetry Live Workshop

25th November 2022


  • Each event includes the Poet Laureate, Simon Armitage. He is one of Britain’s best poets, with a superb ear for language. This is a great opportunity to hear Simon read his work from the anthology.
  • Carol Ann Duffy is one of the most read, studied and loved of today’s poets. She was an inspiring and transformational Poet Laureate from 2009 to 2019. Her poems are sharp, funny and contemporary, and also full of a literary past, whether from mythology, or Shakespeare.
  • John Agard gives one of the most exciting performances in contemporary poetry, not only in the way he delivers his poems, but also in how he talks about them, combining historical awareness, cultural insight and extraordinary humour.
  • Imtiaz Dharker, Daljit Nagra, Owen Sheers and Grace Nichols will read their work.
  • Poets will respond to student questions and discuss how poems connect to and influence other poems
  • In the examiner sessions our highly experienced Chief Examiners will deal with two skills vital for success in the GCSE English Literature examinations.
  •  The first session will look at how students might deal with unseen poems in the exam, both how to think about them and how to write for the best possible results.
  • The second session will look at comparing poems, whether they are studied poems or unseen, and how to write most effectively in either situation.
  • These sessions have proved invaluable to students’ thinking, whether they are in Year 10 or Year 11, and are an outstandingly successful aspect of GCSE Poetry Live!

Brilliant Club Launch @ The University of Oxford



The students participating in the Brilliant Club Scholar’s Programme attended the launch event at Hertford College, University of Oxford.  The students were taken on a tour by a current student and were able to ask many questions about the experience of studying at University, studying at Oxford, the university application process and the university experience.  This was followed by a talk outlining the aims of the programme and why they should consider University as an option.

The Design Museum Trips

7.2.23 & 7.3.23 & 24.5.23


As part of their studies into the Design Technology curriculum, all Key Stage Three pupils will take part in workshops at the Design Museum. Pupils attended a ‘hands-on design’ workshop which focused on the design of chairs and seating. There was also the opportunity for pupils to explore the permanent exhibitions and complete booklets on the design process. In addition to the design Museum, pupils also visited the Serpentine Gallery where they discovered the work of Barbara Chase and the architectural design of the gallery by Zaha Hadid.

Year 7 Science Museum Trip



The trip to the science museum is an opportunity to enhance and broaden the students’ knowledge and experiences of science. The trip involves a number of activities which relate to the KS3 curriculum and careers beyond education.

Year 11 Tate Britain Trip



Pupils documented their trip into their sketchbooks. They linked the artists they saw with their individual projects and personal themes. Visiting a gallery forms part of the requirements for ‘extended study’ in the GCSE AQA specification.  

Year 11 NHSB Visit and Gurdwara Visit



This trip aimed to give Year 11 pupils a better understanding of the Sixth Form experience.  Students had time exploring a subject fair, interacting with students taking their chosen subjects.  The students also had an opportunity to tour the school and see their chosen subjects being taught.  Students left the sixth form with a better understanding of what subjects they would like to study next year.  As part of the visit, students had an opportunity to visit the Gurudwara on Soho Road in Birmingham served by Guru Nanak Nishkam Sewak Jatha, the parent organisation of the Nishkam School Trust. Students visited the Nishkam Centre, where they encountered community exhibitions, learnt about civic projects on the campus and engaged in a workshop relating to faith and virtues.  Their visit to the Gurudwara also linked directly to the RE curriculum and helped students to explore the features of a Gurudwara.  Being able to experience the Gurudwara first-hand enriched the students’ learning around this topic.

 4. Clubs and Programmes

Debate Mate

Every Thursday 3.15-4.15


Debate Mate is a programme open to all that teaches young people how to be heard in a fun but formal setting.  It does this by recruiting and training university students to run extra-curricular debate workshops in schools.  The programme increases speaking and listening attainment and improves a range of higher-order thinking skills and non-cognitive abilities such as confidence, teamwork, and leadership.  In doing so, the Debate Mate programme addresses the widening skills gap between education and employment, whilst raising aspirations and helping students to make informed post-18 choices.  We believe that every child deserves equal access to a top education. Debate Mate supports the young people of today to find their voices, so that they can become the leaders of tomorrow.

Gurmat Classes

Every Friday 3.15-4.15


Gurmat classes offer our students an opportunity for pupil to learn about Sikhi, Gurbani and themselves. Four units have been planned with each unit will consisting of 10/11 sessions lasting 50 minutes.


  1. Deepen Sikh pupils’ understanding of Gurmat and Gurbani
  2. Provide opportunities for meditation and prayer
  3. Strengthen pupils mental, emotional and atma health and well being


  1. Akal Purakh, The Universe, and Me
  2. Rites of Passage and Human Consciousness
  3. The Gurdwara
  4. What is Gurbani?

Unit 1: We will begin with unit one: Akal Purakh, The Universe, and Me, which will consist of the following lessons:

  1. How was the universe created?
  2. Who is god (Parmatma)?
  3. Who am I (Atma)
  4. What is Hukam?
  5. What is Karam?
  6. What is maya?
  7. Nature of a human
  8. What is the mind?
  9. What is a Gurmukh and Manmukh
  10. Conclusion/Recap questions and evaluations (teachers/students/parents)


Morning and Lunchtime- Daily


Sikh pupils actively use the faith space on a regular basis to sing kirtan throughout the week. Staff supervised morning prayers take place on Mondays and Fridays from 8-8.15am in which the harmonium and tabla are used in conjunction with a smartboard to project translations of the Gurbani pupils are singing. At lunchtime everyday pupils independently use the space and instruments every day to sing Gurbani. Most pupils who take part know the notes/raag/taal to play and are currently learning outside of school. There are also many pupils who attend, sit and join in, who don't know how to use these instruments, but are learning the scriptures as kirtan is being sung. All kirtan is student led. 

Brilliant Club

Various- During the school day


The Brilliant Club Scholar’s programme will be run with 28 students across Year 8 and Year 9, and it offers challenging courses aimed to develop student understanding beyond the curriculum requirements.  For example, the Year 9 students are completing a project called “Rap, Racism and Resistance”.   In addition, the programme will give students the opportunity to experience what studying at university is really like. The programme seeks to develop key university-preparedness skills including critical thinking, subject knowledge, written communication, and university self-efficacy.  Scholars Programme graduates are almost twice as likely to progress to highly-selective universities (UCAS evaluation, 2019).    As part of the Scholar’s hub, each participant will visit a University twice, for the Launch and Graduation events.

23 out of 28 students met the disadvantaged criteria set out by the Brilliant Club.  These students are either pupil premium or meet the postcode deprivation criteria if their home postcode falls into IDACI deciles 1-4.

Art Club

Thursday- After school


This is a drop-in art club, pupils prearrange with their parents if they are staying. Some pupils are working on a lino printing project over the past 2 months. Other pupils will use the art club to complete art homework by using the art materials available. There are other pupils who use the time to extend their skills and experiment with new techniques or try new drawings.  

Science Club

Monday-After school


Science club focuses on students achieving their CREST bronze award. This is the UK’s only nationally recognised scheme for student-led project work in STEM projects. During the term, students will work on planning and carrying out their own science projects, at the end of which they will receive their nationally recognised CREST certificate.

Students will gain several essential academic and practical skills such as research, project planning, investigation design and report writing to compliment the science curriculum they learn during lesson time.

UKMT- Junior Math’s Challenge

Thursday Lunchtime


The Junior Mathematical Challenge is a 60-minute, multiple-choice Challenge.

It encourages mathematical reasoning, precision of thought, and fluency in using basic mathematical techniques to solve interesting problems.  The problems on the Junior Mathematical Challenge are designed to make students think. Most are accessible, yet still challenge those with more experience.

Break Inclusion Games Club

Daily @ break and lunchtime


This is a club supervised by ATs where pupils can play board games with friends during break and lunch time. This is a popular club and a register is kept ensuring there is space for the pupils who would benefit from it the most. Pupils develop their social skills and make new friendships.

Girls Football

Monday- After School


The girls football club provides an opportunity to boost young people confidence to interact socially with other: extend their social network and provide them with new skills and abilities. The club offers an important space to have fun and relax away from the pressures of school work. Within the club we will focus on developing and enhancing skills for all levels of ability. Teams are entered into the Hounslow leagues so the girls attending have the opportunity to represent the school.  


Wednesday- After School


The girl's netball club runs the first two terms of the year and provides opportunities for students to make new friends, develop and enhance skills necessary for netball, explore a new interest and represent the school team. The girls also work to improve their individual fitness levels for netball. Within the sessions each week the older students take responsibility for parts of the session, such as the warm up. A number of girls have transitioned from the school club to clubs within the community.  

KS3 Boys Football and KS4 Boys Football

Wednesday & Thursday- After School


The weekly boys football club is run by Footyfun4kids, which provides routes of progression into the local community. Within the club the students are given the opportunity to develop essential core skills required in sport and in education such as problem-solving skills, improved memory, creativity, and critical thinking. Their ability to use effective time management skills is enhanced as they are required to balance school life with their extra-curricular club commitment. Within the club they develop and enhance skills necessary for football, explore a new interest and have the opportunity to represent the school team. 


Tuesday, Thursday, Friday-Lunchtime


In badminton club students play competitive matches to develop greater understanding of the tactics and strategies required for the game. The club is open to all so provides opportunities for enhanced social mixing outside of established friendship groups. Students from the club will be given the opportunity to represent the school at badminton when tournaments arise.  


Thursday- After School


In badminton club students play competitive matches to develop greater understanding of the tactics and strategies required for the game. The club is open to all so provides opportunities for enhanced social mixing outside of established friendship groups. Students from the club will be given the opportunity to represent the school at badminton when tournaments arise.  


Friday- After School


The weekly cricket club is run by Elite Cricket Performance Academy, which provide routes of progression into the local community. They host weekly session outside of school hours to the community. Within the club the students are given the opportunity to develop essential core skills required in sport and education such as problem-solving skills, improved memory, creativity, and critical thinking. Their ability to use effective time management skills is enhanced as they are required to balance school life with their extra-curricular club commitment. Within the club they develop and enhance skills necessary for cricket, explore a new interest and can be selected to represent the school team. 

Chess Club

Wednesday Lunchtimes


Intriguing and satisfying, chess enhances concentration, memory and patience, while fostering creativity, analytical skills and the facility for problem-solving. There is evidence that playing chess may raise IQ and that it constitutes a rare example of an activity that stimulates both sides of the brain.

The reasonably quiet and disciplined manner in which it is played accustoms young boys to a studious environment. And chess-playing teaches valuable social attributes, such as courteousness and the need to be gracious in both victory and defeat.


Wednesdays After School


The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art is a drama school located in Hammersmith, London. It is the oldest specialist drama school in the British Isles and a founding member of the Federation of Drama Schools. LAMDA provides an internationally recognised qualification. The exams are about achievement and empowerment and give all of us – child, parent and teacher – an ongoing measurement of a child's progress in speech and drama. LAMDA Exams are internationally recognised qualifications. At Level 3 (Grades 6, 7 and 8), LAMDA Exams earn UCAS points, which can be used when applying for higher education courses. In addition, LAMDA Exams also count towards the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

During the course of the year, our classes will cover a wide range of performance and communication skills and encompass individual and group work. Students at Nishkam will have the option to take a LAMDA Exam at the beginning of the new year and then another at the end of the academic school summer term

Computing Club

Wednesday- Lunchtime


The SPIKE Prime solution brings together LEGO bricks, a programmable, multi-port Hub, coding language based on Scratch and STEAM learning units to help students of all learning levels build confidence and critical thinking skills.  From easy entry lessons to the limitless creative designs, SPIKE Prime engages students regardless of their learning level in thinking critically, analysing data and solving complex problems with real-world relevance.